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Goodbye 2023. Hello 2024! | Newsletter Issue #4

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Happy New Year Popula Bees! This week, we recommend some excellent articles to kick off your New Year's reading. As we step into the New Year, let's embrace it with positivity and determination to achieve our goals. May this year bring happiness, success, and fresh opportunities for growth in your life. Here's to a year full of joy and prosperity.

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Ecosystem and Industry Insights

  1. Multiplayer Creation: Unlocking Participatory Media

  2. Designing reward systems for web3 governance

    • This article is a great theoretical overview of something Popula has been implementing in practice for some time. "Reputation tokens could hypothetically take the form of a non-transferable fungible token (for instance, if the transfer function in an ERC-20 contract were disabled). One might use non-transferable fungible tokens to rate community members’ contributions in a more fine-grained way – for example, the number of reputation tokens can be easily fractionalized and used to assign rating to community members on a continuous scale rather than a discrete scale created by a few reputation badges represented by NFTs. These reputation-based governance systems can more equitably distribute influence and potentially offer better Sybil resistance."

  3. The Future of Social is Onchain

    • The article explores the potential of onchain social platforms and creator tools, doing a great job of breaking down the principles of "onchainness," including permissionless and composable nature, ownership, autonomy, provenance, and coordination. The author discusses how these principles can create new, rich experiences in social and creator platforms, emphasizing the value of onchain mechanisms in fostering collaboration, experimentation, and value distribution among builders, creators, and users.

  4. Love vs. fame: A framework for social applications

  5. Mint First

    • This is an interesting article from Zora outlining a simple yet powerful idea: creators can use Zora to combine the benefits of onchain (permanence, monetization, etc.) with the distribution width of web2 platforms. In the worst-case scenario, nobody will mint, but at least the creator will have a permanent record of the content; in the best scenario, a community will form who buys that content, and gradually, the relationships will move onchain where the creator has more power.

  6. Structure Without Capture

  7. Making "The Blockchain" the Next Place you Need to Be

  8. Games Over Governance: Recentering DAOs on Coordination

  9. Creators, Creativity, and Technology with Bob Iger

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Popula Spotlights and Community Updates

Community of the Week

Creatives DAO: The CreativesDAO is an overarching body for all creative contributors in the NEAR ecosystem. With CreativesDAO, artists have the freedom to express themselves and create impactful projects that promote decentralization and sustainability, spreading the blockchain gospel. If you're a creative with a vision, check it out here!

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Behind the Scenes and Product Updates

Street Interview: What are the barriers our there?

We asked people what are the main barriers to experience Web3 when we were at NEARCON23. Let's take a look of what they said! Click here to watch the video!

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