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Welcome to our inaugural Popula newsletter! Each week, we'll bring you key insights from the ecosystem and industry, spotlight community updates and engaging posts from Popula, and share exciting behind-the-scenes updates and product developments. Join us on this journey as we explore, grow, and build together!

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Ecosystem and Industry Insights

  • The Benefits of Building Apps Onchain

  • Ad-vantage

    • The article draws parallels between ads and internet memes, emphasizing the potential value hidden in advertisements that can be unlocked by bringing them onchain and making them collectable NFTs. Ads are high-value, memetic, well-distributed pieces of media that companies pay billions of dollars to ensure they are seen. They have never been able to be collected or owned in and of themselves, but many ads have become iconic parts of our pop culture.

    • This is a novel perspective on advertisements within the web3 realm, as The Modern Billboard Collective did before. Far from disappearing, advertisements have the potential to assume a renewed identity, transforming into standalone products that contribute value not only to the companies that create them but also to users who engage with them.

  • A Comparative Analysis of Decentralized Social Protocols

  • NEAR's Top Three dApps by DAU and Insights from the NEAT Inscriptions Surge. A surge in transactions and gas fees was observed due to the popularity of NEAT Inscriptions. Although this inscription trend is speculative in nature and does not significantly contribute to the development of a sustainable ecosystem, it unintentionally served as a stress test for NEAR and its validators. Despite some identified issues, the system demonstrated resilience in managing the substantial increase in traffic. What matters is that, aside from these volatile events, three leading dApps on the NEAR protocol currently hold the top three positions in terms of overall Daily Active Users (DAUs)

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Popula Spotlights and Community Updates


Community of the Week:

HEROES BUILD: HEROES is a Non-Custodial Bounty Marketplace on NEAR, a bounty system connecting the best open web projects, talents and investors. It streamlines your bounty experience with a secure, transparent platform for task-based payments, featuring smart escrow transactions, straightforward invoicing, and optional identity verification for worry-free tax compliance. Click here to join!

New Communities on Popula:

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Behind the Scenes and Product Updates

December: Integration of New Wallets, Images or NFTs in Comments, and More!

Recently, we have partnered with some of the NEAR wallets, which is reflected in the new updates. The new additions include integrated login methods, improvements to the content editor, token-gated posts, and more. Click the link and find out more.

Popula Team NEARCON23 Vlog

Last month, we attended  @NEARProtocol  NEARCON23 in Lisbon and met so many talented people and amazing projects. This was what happened during the time we were there. Thank you so much for those visited our booth and thanks everyone for your continuous support! Click here to watch the video!

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