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Ecosystem and Industry Insights

  • A few of the things we’re excited about in crypto (2024)

    • Continuing their tradition, a16z outlines several "big ideas" in crypto for the upcoming year. At Popula, we are particularly excited about the first three:

      1. Decentralization: web3 is moving into a new era of decentralization, overcoming previous challenges to achieve unprecedented levels of coordination, operational functionality, and innovation. Independent smart contracts for each community, interactions recorded onchain, and the integration of Lit Protocol for encryption are just some of the examples of how Popula is betting on decentralized solutions to empower users.

      2. User Experience: Passkeys, smart accounts, embedded wallets, MPC, and advanced RPC endpoints are among the innovations aimed at simplifying the complex processes associated with cryptocurrency. Near is all about user experience, and Popula is actively integrating the best solutions to make users’ lives easier.

      3. Modular Tech Stack: The rise of modular tech stacks is a force that can counterbalance network effects and centralization trends, allowing for permissionless innovation, specialization, and increased competition in open-source environments. Popula is completely open-source and integrates many of the best products in the Near ecosystem. We are excited to see how composability will strengthen Popula and which new experiences and use cases our users and members will build.

  • Wallet Infrastructure: Empowering the Next Generation of Dapps

    • The article by 1k(x) explores the transformative impact of wallet infrastructure, particularly in the context of account abstraction (AA), on the next generation of decentralized applications (Dapps) in the web3 space. The discussion spans advancements in key management methods, the role of relayers in transaction relaying, fee abstraction by paymasters, and the emergence of embedded wallets as a new category. The article anticipates the implications of these developments for user onboarding, modular account infrastructure, and challenges like account migration from externally owned accounts (EOAs) to smart accounts, ultimately highlighting the profound impact on web3 adoption and the diverse opportunities for innovation in the space.

    • Popula has recently integrated with most Near wallets, including Sender, Meteor, Mintbase, and NEAR Mobile. At the same time, it allows users to sign in with their Ethereum wallet and MetaMask.

  • On Points and Tokens

    • Blur was among the pioneers in introducing a point system for token allocation in airdrop waves, allowing users to earn points through various interactions and become eligible for a specific share of airdropped tokens. Rainbow Wallet is now adopting a similar approach, sparking discussions about points and tokens.

    • Unlike tokens, most point systems exist off-chain, leading to challenges and trust issues. Popula's Drips is breaking new ground by establishing non-transferable fungible tokens, operating natively on-chain for a reliable method of recognizing users' activity in detail, reflecting their reputation and productivity. In the future, Drips could seamlessly be used as criteria for distributing Popula's native token.

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Popula Spotlights and Community Updates


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Popula Campaign Round 2 on Ludero

JUMP DEFI Community Campaign on Popula

NFT WG Community NFT Giveaway

El Cafe Cartel Citizen NFT Giveaway

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Community of the Week

El Cafe Cartel: is an NFT project that combines a coffee business with a gamified Web3 experience. Initially, El Café Cartel targeted crypto natives with their gen 0 and gen 1 collections. Users can stake these collections to earn the native token $CAFE. This token powers their swappable traits marketplace and @bodega_web3, and can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise and coffee.

If you're a coffee lover or a crypto enthusiast interested in unique NFT projects, this community might be the perfect fit for you.

Currently, they are hosting an El Cafe Cartel Citizen Giveaway. Join the community and engage to receive your Citizen NFT! 👉🏻

Click here to join!

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Behind the Scenes and Product Updates

Street Interview: Is Web3 Truly A Scam?

We asked people what are the myths they heard the most of around Web3 when we were at NEARCON23. Let's take a look of what they said! Click here to watch the video!

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