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Newsletter Issue #5

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Welcome to Issue #5 of the Popula newsletter. We hope your 2024 is off to a great start! This week, we dive into intriguing developments in the world of public goods, which we are also fostering at Popula. We will also share updates from our community and announce some exciting upcoming events!

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Ecosystem and Industry Insights

Building Public Goods

Popula is committed to building public goods for the NEAR ecosystem and beyond. Specifically, Popula’s community factory enables anyone to launch a sovereign community in a free (aside from the gas fee required by the NEAR protocol) and permissionless fashion.

Online interactions

In the ever-evolving landscape of online interactions, how we express support and engage with content has transformed significantly. Social platforms have made it effortless to “Like” and “Comment” posts, often requiring nothing more than a simple click. Popula, a platform that values quality content and meaningful conversations, has introduced a unique twist to these actions.

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Popula Spotlights and Community Updates

Have you seen the Popula Man designed by one of our very own community members? It's seriously cool! You can tell they've put a lot of thought into it - the detail is just amazing! This isn't just a piece of digital art, it's a shout-out to the talent we've got in our community!

Upcoming AMA with NEAR Vietnam Hub

Exciting news for this week! We are hosting an AMA session with the NEAR Vietnam Hub. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to engage directly, ask questions, and learn more about our initiatives and our 2024 directions! The session is scheduled for January 18th at 1pm UTC. Interested participants can join us on Twitter at @NearVietnamHub. Don't forget to mark your calendar and prepare your questions ahead of time. We look forward to seeing you there!


Popula Zealy Sprint

Community of the Week

Paras-Arkana: Paras is an NFT marketplace for digital collectibles, focusing on supporting and developing crypto-native IPs. They create new exclusive IPs to design unique experiences for comics, games, and toys. Arkana, a co-membership platform powered by web3 technology, embodying the spirit of openness and collaboration from the web3 network and integrating it into web2 businesses. If you are interested, join the community!

Communities on Popula

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Behind the Scenes and Product Updates

January: Gas free exploration, Lucky draw and more!

This update introduces several new features including a Gas free mode for gasless interactions, a 'Lucky Pot' feature that rewards successful referrals, a trending search list for discovering popular communities, and unread indicators for new posts or updates. Other improvements include a smart editor for more intuitive content display and enhanced poll features. Click here to read more.

Street interview: How To Get Involved In Web3?

Curious about diving into the world of Web3? It can be a fascinating journey but knowing where to start can be tricky. Let's explore the insights and recommendations from seasoned professionals. Their advice could be your roadmap into Web3. Watch it here!

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