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Newsletter Issue #7

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Welcome to Popula newsletter issue #7! Thank you so much for joining us during the AMA on Thursday this week, the exceptional enthusiasm we saw during the Q&A session was truly inspiring. As we continue to evolve and grow, your support and participation are integral to our community. Stay tuned for more engaging events and updates.

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Ecosystem and Industry Insights

  • Where are the pirate ships, castles, cars, and robots?

  • By All Accounts: On Points, Attestations, & Tokens

    • At Popula, among the early pioneers in onchain points and the development of the non-transferable fungible token standard, we are delighted to come across this article by Archetype. The article discusses the 2010s gamification trend in consumer technology and its evolution into blockchain and Web3 in the form of points. It emphasizes the compatibility of blockchains with point systems, citing their effectiveness in incentivizing user actions. While acknowledging challenges with high transaction costs for tokens, the article introduces onchain attestations and explores the differences between tokens, offchain, and onchain points. Onchain points are proposed as a new primitive with benefits such as composability, provenance, trust guarantees, Sybil resistance impact, and community accountability. In short, onchain points offer more flexibility and accessibility than tokens. Implementation considerations, including redeemability for ERC20 tokens, are explored, focusing on design decisions to encourage product usage rather than mercenary behaviours. The article concludes by envisioning user-owned networks as the future of the Internet, with onchain points contributing to user identity, ownership, and incentive alignment goals.

  • Multi-Hit Wonders: Embracing Apps With Short Shelf Life

    • This article by Li Jin explores the challenge for new consumer social apps to compete with giants like Facebook and TikTok. It suggests an alternative approach, advocating for a venture studio model where startups create a series of smaller, transient hits instead of aiming for a massive social giant. This strategy is enabled by crypto’s interoperability and composability, where it makes sense to build a single protocol layer and then plug into it various apps and experiences, even by different teams (like Lens), and enhanced by crypto tokens. If executed well, this strategy allows flexibility, autonomy, and creativity. The author emphasizes quick execution, disciplined funding, and user engagement across different app experiments as key considerations for success. Overall, the article proposes leveraging the dynamics of fleeting attention and niche use cases, uniquely enabled by crypto tokens, as a viable path for consumer builders. This article follows one of Li Jin’s previous pieces, in which she talked about how crypto enables apps to focus on niches because it offers novel ways to monetize without building massive audiences and relying on ads.

  • What builders can learn from RetroPGF 3: separating the signal from the noise

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Popula Spotlights and Community Updates

AMA with NEAR Vietnam Hub

Thank you so much for joining us this week! Hosted by @trongnear in the NEAR Vietnam Hub Telegram Group, the session delved into the intriguing theme: "From Online to Onchain - How Popula is Changing the Community Landscape." The discussion covered a range of key points, which included a brief overview of Popula, the use cases of Drips, and the necessity of onchain communities. The conversation also explored how Popula's versatile tools cater to various communities and provided updates on recent and upcoming features and milestones. The Q&A session saw active participation from the NEAR Vietnam community, which demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm. Questions ranged from tokenomics and challenges to security, community involvement, and the potential integration of AI with Popula. This engaging session exemplifies the dynamic onchain experiences that Popula is committed to delivering to our community.

Upcoming Campaigns

Popula is committed to delivering more engaging events that bring dynamic onchain experiences to our community. Our Lunar New Year campaign on Arkana is scheduled to launch soon. Keep an close eye on our channels for upcoming announcements and detailed information!

Community of the Week

gojo academy: Gojo Academy is a lively community with a passion for anime. Members gather to share the latest web 3 news and enjoy fun-filled moments. The community is dedicated to promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange. Whether you want to share information, learn something new, or just have a good time, join the community now!

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