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Newsletter Issue #8

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Welcome to Popula newsletter issue #8! This week, we present three articles focusing on intellectual property, copyright, royalties, and related concepts, which are central themes we cherish and have extensively discussed. At Popula, we implement these ideas by systematically recording all user interactions and content on the blockchain. This approach establishes a distinct and unequivocal connection between the content and its creator. Additionally, we utilize Drips and mechanisms powered by Drips, including Drip Royalties, to establish a permanent and transparent ‘supply chain’ between creators and curators. This system effectively traces the origin of creations and their derivatives, emphasizing key aspects such as provenance, attribution, visibility, ownership, royalties, and co-creation.

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Community of the Week

NEAR Korea DAO: NEAR Korea DAO is a NEAR Protocol DAO led by the Korean community 🙌 It’s is a community-led initiative in South Korea, their goals are 👇

B - Building a strong community 🏗🤝

O - Onboarding new users into the world of NEAR 🌐

S - Spreading the word of NEAR across Korea 📣

🌐 Join the Near Korea DAO in shaping the future of blockchain! 🖤

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Behind the Scenes and Product Updates

Street interview: How does Web3 impact digital ownership and intellectual property?

Speaking of intellectual property and digital ownership, what can Web3 bring to the table? We asked individuals about the impact of Web3 on these hot topics and discussed what Web3 could potentially do about it. To see what they think, watch it here!

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