How to use Superfluid to your advantage

dummy guide for Superfluid and AlfaFrens

Les get right to the chase



You can visit the Superfluid app from here:

The first thing you will encounter it's the main dashboard. The good thing is that everything here pretty self-explanatory. Clean and simple interface (YES, we like those).

Let's start explaining ONLY WHAT WE NEED.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you are on the BASE network.

The second thing you need to do is to click this button on the bottom of the screen.

From there, the application will prompt you to enter an address. The address that we are going to need, is the one that we use to deposit funds on the AlfaFrens application.

You can find it by clicking the button below and after clicking the "deposit" button on the AlfaFrens application you will see your address.

Next by copying the address, we paste it on the prompt we got on the Superfluid app by clicking the "View the dashboard as any address"

We pressed enter. And now what? We are coming now face to face with our account from AlfaFrens

After we click again on our account we will be redirected to our account's dashboard.

Balance project's our current balance on the platform.

Liquidation Date is the estimated date that we will run out of funds if we are net-flow negative. If we are net-flow positive, we are going to see just our balance (if i recall correctly).

The green arrow should indicate our Income per month.
The red arrow on the other hand is the total cost of all of our subscriptions.

Needless to say, we want the value of the Green arrow to be bigger than the Red one.

We won't be getting into further analysis for anything else as this guide is supposed to help new people that doesn't understand the way the platform works.


Now it's time to learn about the Superfluid console as well.

Things are pretty similar in here too. You can visit the console from here:

There is no need to show the interface as it is way simpler than the app.

The first thing here as well is to enter our address from the AlfaFrens app in here:

The first thing that we will come across is our channel's main dashboard.

The important things that we need to know is the one's under the Balances section.

DEGENx is our current DEGEN balance.

Flow rate is our estimated Degen gained or lost per Day. This indicator is unstable and is changing all the time as is calculated based on our Net monthly income. (- symbol means negative-flow and + means positive-flow).

Pred. liquidation is the same thing as Liquidation Date we mentioned before. (it is estimated and it only applies if you have negative-flow. In case of positive-flow this section won't show.)

Extra tip!!!
By going on the top right corner on the "settings" button

you can change the view of your degen stream from DEGEN per Second all the way up to DEGEN per Month.

With that said, i would like to thank you for taking your time reading this article.

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