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Happy New Year 2023

Prizem v0.1.2023

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Happy 2023! I am wishing everyone a happy New Year! I have been experimenting with AvatarCam in this New Year's Video...

NFT.NYC 2023

I am proud to announce that today I found out my artwork will be on display at the NFT.NYC Community Artist Showcase at NFT.NYC (North Javits, April 12-14). There is a chance that my art could be selected to be shown in NYC Time Square. Keep your fingers crossed and I would appreciate any engagement with this tweet:

This is the first time Prizem artwork has been displayed in a real life art setting. I am very excited and can't wait to see the artwork live!

Now I would like to go so I am looking into how that could happen in the next month. In the mean time I would like to speak at the conference. I think it would be awesome to do a NFT music panel discussion with my friend SongsOfEden discussing Web3 Music Vault (more info about that below). Add your comments to let me know what you think.

Web3 Music Vault

I submitted a project named Web3 Music Vault to the Magic Eden 2022 Hackathon and won 2nd place!

I wanted to let you know there is a plan to make improvements to the hackathon submission to make it easier to use and fix some of the issues found during our initial testing. Some of the improvements include..

  • need to made include making the UI a bit more responsive on the phone

  • making it easier to refresh when new music hits your wallet

  • cleaning up some ui when connecting wallet to Alexa

Want to help shape the future of NFT music distribution.. join the waitlist. You just need a phone with the Alexa app and internet connection to get started.

Some of the plans once we get out of beta will be to:

  • Publish the Alexa Skill so that you could start the process with your voice.

  • Work with Twitter Hosts who use Alexa in their podcasts to play the music

Some of the future items that could be done based on community feedback include but are not committed to. Let me know which one you would like to see:

  • work cross chain (match the wallets supports and nft music is on)

  • work with different nft music formats

  • work with different business models

  • work with different digital assistants

If you have development skills you can take a look at the source code and start to help provide fixes all the source code is published here:

New Metaverse Education

Two Factor Authentication

web3 wallet hygiene

When using an email service like Gmail, a crypto exchange, or a self-custody wallet like, you will be offered an optional authentication option called two factor authentication, which is critical to ensure that if your first layer of protection fails, i.e. a simple to guess password, that 2 factor authentication will keep your wallet protected.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra degree of protection by requiring a second form of authentication in addition to a password to access an account. This second kind of authentication may take many forms, including a code sent to a user's phone by text message, a security token generated by an authentication app, or biometric authentication using a fingerprint or face recognition.

Even if an attacker has obtained the user's password, the usage of 2FA may assist to defend against unwanted account access. This is due to the fact that it is unlikely that the attacker would also have access to the user's phone or biometric data.

Many online accounts, including those for web3 platforms and apps, allow you to use 2FA as an extra security step. If this feature is available, it is alwaysΒ a good idea to activate it.

There is one drawback to using the authenticator app technique. It is also critical to ensure that if you utilize the authenticator app option, you have a safe backup of the app data. If you lose your phone and have no backup, you may be locked out of your account.

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