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Hey Alexa, Play My NFT Music

Web3 Music Vault is Moving into beta phase...

Today I am proud to announce Web3 Music Vault is moving into the Beta phase. Here is what is going to happen. If you are on the beta waitlist and were within the first 15 people signed up you will be receiving an email titled "Welcome to the Web3 Music Vault Beta" with further instructions. Beta testers will be helping test the product making sure they can go through the flow of getting their NFT and playing the music with Alexa.

If you would like to be part of the public release of the web3 music vault please connect your wallet to the and login and add your name and email to be added to the waitlist.

Please check out this 1 min demo video to show the process of listening to NFT music on Alexa:

Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions:

What is the Web3 Music Vault?

The Web3 Music vault has three components:

  • a decentralized app - where you see your NFTs and unlock the music

  • an Alexa skill - where you can ask Alexa to ask web3 music vault to play your nft music

  • an Alexa - Dapp wallet account linker - allows you to connect your wallet to alexa

How much does it cost?

Currently the only cost is the purchase price of the Music NFTs purchased directly from the musician at this time. We will be looking at different options and ask the community since it is not free to run this platform.

Why does my NFT music not play?

The music may not play due to the following reasons:

  1. The NFT music is not using mp3 files served from the darkblock protocol

  2. Darkblock protocol gateway is under maintenance

  3. Your wallet doesn't hold the music nft

I am a musician how do I get my music on the web3 music vault?

More explainer videos will be available soon. The general formula is:

  • Mint a Solana NFT with a preview / cover image for your music album. I have used thirdweb but any Solana NFT minter application should work. I would suggest that you add a video with a preview of the music but not the entire track.

  • Upgrade your NFT with un-lockable mp3 files using the protocol.

  • Sell / transfer your NFTs to your fans

  • Show your fans a short video showing

    • how they can unlock their music on the app

    • link with their Alexa app

    • ask Alexa to ask web3 music vault to play their NFTs.

Can I use the new rentable NFTs from Darkblock?

At the time of this writing this has not been tested.

I asked Alexa to enable web3 music vault and nothing happened

Currently the Web3 Music vault skill in in beta (at the time of this writing) which means I need to email invite you to use it.

Does Web3 Music Vault work with Google Assistant or Siri?

Not at this time but if there is enough interest this could be added.

What blockchains does Web3 Music Vault Support?

The web3 music vault currently supports Solana NFTs.

How can I find out the name of the song that is playing?

When your Alexa enabled device is playing music you can say Alexa, Ask web3 Music vault what is playing?

What are some of the things I can ask the Web3 Music vault Alexa skill?

You can ask:

Alexa ask web3 music vault to play my NFT music

Alexa ask web3 music vault to play my NFTs

Alexa ask web3 music vault to play song name!

Is there a shorter way to say web3 music vault?

Not at this time but send me a tweet giving me a suggestion.. I will engage with it.

I am a dev can I help?

All of the source code is open source and available on GitHub.


Alexa skill: