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Tips and Tricks for Hosts

After operating a space for almost 1 year here are my tips and tricks

Here are my top recommendations for hosting a space to sell artwork and network.

1. Begin as soon as possible! The free templates make it very simple to get started, and the frames and sketch fab integration allow you to create an incredible experience. Make sure to test it on the web, mobile, and VR platforms.

2. Go to another space and talk to the hosts. Inquire about feedback on your new space.

3. Have fun with your space and consider what you want your visitors to do while they look at your artwork.

4. Don't compare yourself to others; you are unique, and your metaverse journey is long.

5. If you want your visitors to explore the artwork, disable cinematic mode. When your visitors want to explore a large space, they may notice a switch to cinematic mode when they only wanted to teleport to the opposite side of the space.

6. Learn how to make the best use of the templates. This is useful if you intend to decorate for a specific season and want to return before the season begins.

7. Ensure that you go live at least once a week so that your followers and fans can visit your space. It is a good idea to have some notes ready to discuss with visitors. Due to language barriers, not everyone will respond. Maintain patience and calm.

8. Include your link in my #MetaverseMonday and #TeleportTuesday good morning tweets! I ask a group of Spatians who are VR / metaverse builders and explorers to look at spaces. I also recommend exploring the many existing spaces and those who have shared theirs.

9. Go to at least two concerts/events per month. This will allow you to connect and expand your metaverse network, as well as gain access to builders, musicians, event planners, videographers, and other spatians.

10. If you are selling NFTs, make sure that the items are in stock. I have a reminder on my calendar to update my NFT listings on marketplaces like Opensea and MagicEden.

4 additional suggestions

1. Collaborate with other artists and musicians in your space. Community spaces are fantastic because multiple friends can help promote the same space. Remember that collaboration is preferable to competition.

2. Participate in the weekly Twitter chat #MetaverseMonday to learn about new metaverses, news, tips, tricks, events, and other metaverse-related information.

3. Be patient and don't get frustrated if something doesn't work. Instead, contact a fellow spatian to see if they are experiencing any difficulties.

4. If you have a physical studio, you can share your screen to involve your studio members.

5. Be open to new metaverse platforms and expand from your home world. You can use tools such as (let them know Prizem sent you) I have my gate here I recommend setting up your own lighthouse gate. I am working on more tips for using lighthouse in a future newsletter.