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Had a great chat with my Friend @HiCeeCee and friends in the Prizem spatial gallery on Metaverse Monday


Hi I am Prizem, I am a NFT artist and Metaverse educator. Please check out my art gallery on I have 3 collections in the space as well as my friend SongsOfEden MidiPunkz collection. I am very happy that you have subscribed to my newsletter! Thank you for your valuable time and attention. In this AMA I will be discussing where I started in web3, my motivations to create, my inspiration, the Magic Eden Creator Monetization Strategies Hackathon, and the beta of Web3MusicVault.

Where did your web3/NFT journey begin? 

I guess it started before web3 / blockchain when my grandma who was a well known water color artist asked me how to sell art online and I didn't have an answer for her.

Then in 2017, I studied web3 / blockchain / smart contract technology online.

  • University of Buffalo on Coursera

  • IBM Blockchain classes

I was very interested in Smart contracts and distributed networks and part of my specialization I had to run a local Ethereum node and deploy write Solidity code and test smart contracts. I added web3 to my resume on linked in but it didn't really have any traction so at the end of 2018 I shelved web3 due to not enough understanding of the market.

Fast forward to 2021 Mrs. Prizem wanted me to purchase a VeVe NFT for a Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney statue and I had also been following the uptick in the crypto market. I had to pay closer attention and in October 2021 I entered the NFT art space with my own generative artwork as a way to answer my grandma's question about how you can sell your artwork online in a safe way. Now the answer is to use the provenance of the blockchain and verification by participating in the metaverse digital art community. I know that my grandma would be so happy that I am going to have my art featured at the NFT.NYC 2023 artist village.

What motivates you to create?

I was burned out for a startup and from the pandemic and the artwork was therapy. The artist community that my grandmother started in inspired artists to create and now my online Spatial / twitter spaces community.

Can you share your inspiration for creating the Music Vault?

It came to me as a dream. I was helping SongsOfEden and I wanted to see how I can enable NFT music to work on Alexa and combine Darkblock protocol. Darkblock was a partner for the Magic Eden. It would be incredible if we can have the worlds first steaming NFT album using Alexa. SongsOfEden was so inspired that he wanted to create an album for it. Hearing my friend MyCreativeOwls was talking to Alexa to ask her to play some dad jokes solidified my plan.

Who is SongsOfEden?

SongsOfEden is a multi-platinum Swedish music producer, NFT creator, and pianist based in Stockholm. With a strong interest in new technology and a desire to explore new avenues for his music and art, web3 and NFTs were a natural progression.

"The key to my career success has always been to not follow the herd. But to create something completely new and unheard of," he explains.

He figured out how to paint PFPs with his piano as the brush. Being the first to create this type of NFT resulted in the first drops being completely sold out.

He dubbed the collection "MiDi Punkz."

But that isn't all.

The MiDi Punkz is also a membership token that grants the holder access to a variety of experiences and utilities. For example, free meta verse concert tickets. Future drops are completely free. Web3 exclusive albums and live performances are available for free.

One reason for becoming a holder is that a MiDi Punk is a possible future investment.

SongsOfEden already has a large fan base in the web2 community, so the MiDi Punkz's chances of becoming valuable over time, once NFTs become mainstream, are real.

How did you meet SongsOfEden?

I met SongsOfEden during a Metaverse concert hosted by Jahan in August 2022. It was so cool hearing someone playing on the other side of the world playing the piano. Here is the tweet from the original concert I attended on

Check out the tweet here:

I also found a few photos of when I first heard SongsOfEden play during that same concert.

I can't believe about a month after this event I reached out to him on twitter and he needed some help and we started working together!

How did you hear about the Magic Eden Hackathon?

I heard about it during a twitter space in October and I saw they were going to discuss their new rental strategies and partner with Magic Eden.

How do you manage a work-life balance as a creative?

Blocks of time allowed for specific tasks. Sometimes exploring cause detours. If you can't go to far off the road it is good to make a note of the item and return to it later. Taking great notes. We can't do everything. Family first. Priorities, Having goals and publicly saying the goals. Especially for goals that are shared with community... you never know when a community member can help you with a word of encouragement or support.

Tell us about the Web3 Music Vault Beta Testing, the goals for the future.

The is an Alexa skill and decentralized web application that was a 2nd place award winner in the recent Creator Monetization hackathon. It works on any Alexa enabled device or the free Alexa App (no device is required). We are the blockchains that are possible to add. Today it is a Solana based product. I want to focus on the music. We want to focus on the feature set for a full fledged music player. The music is protected by darkblocks. MP3 files are locked behind a NFT token gate and are stored for 200+ years. You have to unlock the music on the and ask for the music from Alexa. I am looking for ways to reward users for listening to music by using something like a POLP Proof of listening protocol. Where you can get rewarded by NFTs for the artists and listeners. Getting the music on Magic Eden is something I am focused on since the initial efforts are being focused.

How do I reach Prizem?

Reach out on one of these social media platforms: