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Approaching Acceleration

Issue 14

The end of the incubation phase is in sight and our guest talk series is winding down. The core researchers are focused on homing in the initial drafts of their research projects to prepare for the onboarding of the affiliate researchers.

During the most recent edition of the weekly research meeting, we discussed some of the artifacts that will be created in the accelerator phase of the Summer of Protocols. Kyle Mathews also presented the Discord bot that he has been working on, co-created by the Summer of Protocols team during his Designing for Soft Protocols: A Discord Bot Workshop guest talk a few weeks ago.

Jesse Walden hosted our single guest talk last week focused on contract theory and protocol design (posted below). The uncanny valley between complete and incomplete protocols, game logic and computers, and letting the market 'do it's thing' were some of the topics about which Jesse spoke with the researchers.

Meet a Researcher - Kara Kittel

Kara Kittel is a researcher and creative producer based in New York. She is a co-founder of Team Rolfes, an experimental 3D animation studio, and Other Internet Research Institute, an in-the-world lab investigating the psychological, political, and economic effects of digitalization. Her current research interests include collaborative authorship and informal coordination practices in online communities.

Guest Talk with Jess Walden

From our Discord

"If your protocol succeeds in capturing value, it will immediately warp the current environment to shift incentives to attacking the current resolution of the rules."
- Steve Beans

Link to Discord thread

Three Links

Kits and Revolutions - How kit-builder communities drive innovation (🎩: David)
History of the USB - An oral history of the port that changed everything (🎩: David)
The Vigilante and the Air Traffic Controller - Podcast discussing the pitfalls of automatic aircraft collision systems

Upcoming Events

June 23 - Guest Talk with Evan Miyazono
Putting Protocols into Practice
Pre-Talk Reading Material
June 28 - Guest Talk with Janine Leger

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