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Artificial Memory and Orienting Infinity

Call for 2024 Applications Coming Soon

Salon spotlight

In two days, on February 28, at 1800 UTC (10 AM US Pacific) Kei Kreutler will host a salon on her research project, Artificial Memory and Orienting Infinity, which explores the history of popular metaphors for memory and how memory is a compass of critical importance. Forum discussion and salon livestream.

Four hundred years before the term artificial intelligence emerged, debates about the development of “artificial memory” stirred. In contrast to natural memory, artificial memory involves using aids to help us remember. It represents a procedural, protocolized approach to recollection.

-Kei Kreutler

Catch the replay of Yancey Strickler's talk on culture labels and the future of creative enterprise. He's abuzz with great ideas about business and creativity. Yancey's new venture, Metalabel, just launched in a big step towards the protocolization of artistic collaboration.

How to max your XP gains from the forum

The past two Readings of the Week were The Green Protocol by Ben Hunt from Epsilon Theory and In Defense of Theory (Part III) — Embrace the Space shared by Rithika:

Can we create social and technological infrastructure that can accurately reflect our reality of multiple truths and the numerous local states that exist?

Want level up your thinking on protocols, get feedback on ideas, and connect with other builders? Posting in the forum is the fastest way to do that. Share an article or video that lit up your prefrontal cortex to spark up a conversation. Ask last year's cohort members some domain-specific questions. Or highlight some protocol news in the evergreen Protocol Watch Thread.

Updates on kits and SoP II

Module 2 of the kit is just about finished. After a couple of slow iterations, production processes are becoming streamlined. A more regular shipping tempo should emerge soon.

Program details, logistics, and an application portal for the upcoming summer cohort will all be released in the next month or so. There is some cool stuff planned, including partner events. Stay tuned.

Protocols in the news

“Hi, I'd like to hear a TCP joke.”

“Hello, would you like to hear a TCP joke?”

“Yes, I'd like to hear a TCP joke.”

“OK, I'll tell you a TCP joke.”

“Ok, I will hear a TCP joke.”

“Are you ready to hear a TCP joke?”

“Yes, I am ready to hear a TCP joke.”

“Ok, I am about to send the TCP joke. It will last 10 seconds, it has two characters, it does not have a setting, it ends with a punchline.”

“Ok, I am ready to get your TCP joke that will last 10 seconds, has two characters, does not have an explicit setting, and ends with a punchline.”

“I'm sorry, your connection has timed out. Hello, would you like to hear a TCP joke?”


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