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Issue 1

We are thrilled with the response to the Summer of Protocols. The overwhelming amount of interest and the sheer number of applications submitted is a clear indication as to the importance of this discussion. In total, there were over 300 applications submitted from 30 different countries during the past two week.

Due to the unanticipated volume of applications it is going to take us a bit longer to get through the review process. We expect to finish our interviews in the coming week, and finalize all core researcher awards by April 4, and affiliate researcher awards by April 11. Please bear with us and enjoy the elevator muzak and free snacks in the Discord in the meantime.

Firing Squad Protocol

Shared by Moritiz Bierling

Three Links

John Conway's Game of Life - A cellular automaton with a simple protocol can produce near infinite results.
A Protocol for Dying - An outline for death from a man with terminal cancer.
Composers as Gardeners - Reflections from Brian Eno about top-down vs bottom-up thinking (shared by nilsedison)

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