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Issue 8

As we continue our journey through the Summer of Protocols program, we dive further into exploration, engaging with a diverse array of topics and ideas that have catalyzed conversations and new perspectives among the researchers.

We had the pleasure of hosting Scott Moore, who gave an engaging talk about the complexities of legitimacy in the context of protocols, alignment, and coordination.

Additionally, we dove into discussions about the pilot study, "The Unreasonable Sufficiency of Protocols", taking swings at the definition of "protocol", exploring the 10 sufficiencies of protocols, looking at case studies and toward a protocolized vision of the future.

As we progress further through the first phase of the program, we look forward to more engaging discussions and insightful guest talks (more info below).

Meet a Researcher - Rafa

Rafa explores and builds web3 collectives and DAOs. Originally from Puerto Rico, Rafa is now in Berlin. He is currently building Folklore, a decentralised and autonomous media network. Previously, Rafa worked at Mirror ( supporting their community development, user research, and creator partnerships.

Guest Talk with Scott Moore

From our Discord

"One thing I'm challenging myself to do at the moment is to talk about protocols without using the word "protocol" and seeing whether it stands up - early on I felt like tacking on the word protocol was a crutch for me when i was describing something that didn't quite fit the category"
- Drew Austin

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Three Links

IP Protocols Series - An exploration of the protocols of fiction universes (🎩: Mac Budkowski)
Weaponized Sacredness - A look into how societies and individuals interact with their belief systems (🎩: Kei Kreutler)
A Tale of Two Pricing Schemes - How EIP-1559 increases the legitimacy of Ethereum

Upcoming Events

May 12 - Guest Talk with Cory Levinson
Who Writes the Rules of Climate Protocols?
Carbon markets and climate protocols are nothing new, with first instances of tradable carbon credits dating back to the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. In the last few years, an emergent ecosystem of crypto-savy "ReFi" coders and tech enthusiasts have emerged with aims to take siege of this legacy industry and turn it on its head. What is unfolding today is a hyperdimentionsal tug of war between international bodies, nation state actors, corporate lobbyists, ESG consultants, and crypto carbon cowboys -- all trying to rewrite the rules of ecological accounting. This talk will explore the history and current state of affairs of climate protocols before moving into a discussion on what frameworks we can lean on when attempting to align the many parallel and densely knotted "protocol-like" threads in today's climate accounting landscape.
Pre-Talk Reading Material
May 16 - Guest Talk with Simone Cicero
Perspectives on the Platforms vs Protocols Debate: A Reality Check
After a meteoric rise, platforms have gained a bad reputation and have often been touted as the bad guys hinting that protocols - mainly "web 3" ones, powered by blockchain and tokenomics - offer an approach to mobilizing ecosystems, that is more democratic, resilient and long-termism-ish. In this session we'll go through a deeper understanding of what a platform is, and the key functions it performs both from a value proposition perspective and organizational support perspective. We'll argue whether protocols can perform better on some of the key dimensions along which platforms create value, and how they can fix some of the inherent shortcomings of platforms. Eventually, we'll go through an assessment of what lies ahead for protocol development, either as complements or competition for platforms.
Pre-Talk Reading Material
May 17 - Guest Talk with Ian Cheng
Neuro Gym
Exploring protocols I've stumbled on over the years as an artist working with AI and simulation, and the notion that art’s north star is - more than ever - for exercising the faculties of the subconscious.
Pre-Talk Reading Material

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