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The Endgame Nears...

Issue 21

As we enter the final two weeks of our program, the researchers are heads-down finishing their projects, and we on the staff are also heads-down preparing for post-summer activities. We have an exciting calendar of off-season activities shaping up for Fall, including a publishing and publicity schedule and a continuing guest talk series. Next week will be the final newsletter of the active summer program, after which we’ll be retooling for an off-season mode, which will actually be more active than the in-season mode, since we now have a truckload of almost-completed research output to talk about. But in the meantime, this week, we’re sharing a video of our guest session with Bryan Johnson. It’s in interview format, with Venkat interviewing Bryan, followed by a Q&A, and it provides a fascinating look into the bleeding edge of longevity protocols. The session covers everything from supplements and sleep to health as performance art and spirituality.

Guest Talk with Bryan Johnson

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