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The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Issue 13

As researchers continue their exploration into protocols, we are thrilled to see the constant growth and intellectual fervor of the Summer of Protocols community. Our researchers continue to develop their projects, engage in stimulating discussions, and bring fresh perspectives to the table.

Annemarie Pooterman and Gina Belle introduced CHÔRA and the protocols they use to help organizations undertake strategic and transformative innovation.

Christian Dunbar-Hester gave a riveting talk (shown below) with topics ranging from DIY radio transmitters and civil disobedience to the technical nature of modern port infrastructure.

This week also brought us to the end of our first series of researcher meetings, each hosted by a pair of researchers based on an emergent set of six themes. As we prepare to dive into the second phase of the Summer of Protocols, researchers will decide the shape of these meetings moving forward. Additionally, the Summer of Protocols affiliate researchers will be joining us in a couple of weeks!

Meet a Researcher - Timber Stinson-Schroff

Timber has worked on policy, technology, and workplace safety projects in the public sector for the past four years. He’s a recovering business student, but has a lingering interest in organizational design and management theory. In his spare time, Timber likes to lift weights and get nerdsniped by economics and epistemology topics. He is a vanguard Gen Z and grew up as a bit of a bush kid in Yukon Territory, Canada.

Guest Talk with Christina Dunbar-Hester

From our Discord

"This framework (and others like it) seem like a public policy response to the problem of causality in the real world. Like how in that Nancy Cartwright talk that was shared pre-program, causality was shown to be a very tricky problem. Maybe even intractable Policymakers above the municipal level and state level are basically guesstimating already anyway, frameworks like this just give them a more official sounding language to do it"
- Timber

Link to the Discord thread

Three Links

Spotify Protocol Playlist - A playlist in which every song title is "Protocol" (🎩: Timber)
Less is More - Scientific America explores why subtraction tends to be a less common solution (🎩: Dorian)
Maneki Neko - A short story on a gift economy and network swarm (🎩: Rafa)

Upcoming Events

June 20 - Guest Talk with Jesse Walden
Contract Theory and Protocol Design
Contract theory as a framework for classifying protocols, how they scale, and to what extent should protocols should seek dynamism, and/or cease to become "protocols."
Pre-Talk Reading Material
June 21 - Guest Talk with Bryan Johnson
The Blueprint Protocol
Bryan will talk about the blueprint protocol for personal health in conversation with Venkat.
Pre-Talk Reading Material

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