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When the Means Justify the Ends

Lessons from a Changemaker

Technology's worthiness as a goal

Yancey Strickler, cofounder of Kickstarter and Metalabel, will be talking with us during this week's salon. He was a live player in Web2 and Web3 – and is bringing his receipts.

On Wednesday, February 14, at 1800 UTC (10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern) Yancey will explore the tensions between technological and social determinism. What happens when technology eclipses the end experience it’s meant to enable? This talk dives into what happens when the means justify the ends. Be sure to bookmark the prereading and livestream.

The rest of the salon itinerary continues to heat up.

When digital drives the physical

Last week, Chenoe Hart presented her research project from SoP I, Addressable Space. Her thesis: how digital addressing schemes have been transforming physical space since the 19th century. Learn more by listening to the recording or - if you like elevators - skim the forum discussion. Forum discussion and stream recording.

Wednesday is Valentine's Day. As it happens, one SoP alum is spinning up a love protocol. PCT/PI is Nahee Kim's current work of scientific artistry, exploring how the famous internet acronym can be applied to human connection.

Reading of the Week (ROTW)

This week's ROTW on the forum is Making Sense of Trust Experience by Josh Stark. Trustworthiness might be a crucial factor in protocol longevity, and Josh explores this link in the essay:

“TX is the set of experiences that shape and inform our expectations about how a … system will behave in the future. It is the sum of all external inputs which leads us to believe that it will function in a certain way in the future - to trust it, or distrust it.”

ROTW is a permissionless, asynchronous article club. If your book group is going stale, come check it out. Starting in March, we'll be rolling out monthly themes (very exciting). In the meantime, feel free to contribute to the ROTW suggestions thread.

Print progress update

Kits are shipping. Assuming no pirates, the first few will arrive towards late February. If you'd like to get a kit, we've got some more. Request one on the Protocol Kit page. Available while supplies last.

The rest of module 2 will be live online soon. Module 1 and Chenoe's essay continue to be available online in ePub and PDF format.

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