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Introducing Proxyswap and $PROXY

a Uniswap V3 fork on DL3


Proxyswap brings concentrated liquidity to Degen Layer 3.

Proxyswap is the product of collaboration between two Farcaster communities, proxystudio.eth's Open Ventures and saxenasaheb.eth's Farcaster Builders of India. Together, we deployed Proxyswap, a fork of Uniswap V3 on Degen Layer 3.

We bootstrapped Proxyswap's development with a mix of our daily $DEGEN tip allocation and Open Ventures fabric subscription revenue. We have no funding from investors, there is no presale, and we have not received any grants from Syndicate or Degen. We deployed Proxyswap because we love /degen, and want to contribute to the growth of Degen Layer 3.


Proxyswap is a MVP, on launch users will be able to provide concentrated liquidity to any token pair on DL3, and swap tokens with liquidity on Proxyswap. To learn more about Uniswap v3's defining innovation, concentrated liquidity, please refer to the official Uniswap v3 Documentation.

Post-launch, Proxyswap DAO will fund product upgrades, Farcaster integrations, liquidity incentives and maintenance costs through protocol governance.


We deployed Proxyswap's contracts according to Uniswap's documentation for deploying a fork on an EVM compatible chain. Our contracts are open-source, live on Degen L3, and verified (note: proxyAdminAddress and descriptorProxyAddress are in the process of verification).

If you want to build on top of Proxyswap, please let us know how we can help.

Proxyswap has not been independently audited, but Uniswap V3 has been audited and V3's contracts are battle tested. We have not altered Uniswap's V3 core contracts in our deployment.

Please use caution when interacting with any smart contract.


Complete Proxyswap documentation will be published on our website in the coming weeks.

Proxyswap Governance

Proxyswap is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed by the Proxyswap ($PROXY) token on Degen layer 3.

Governance infrastructure on DL3 is currently nonexistent, though we expect that to change soon. Proxyswap will seek to leverage existing governance infrastructure with Farcaster-integration, like Vocdoni, to conduct token-voting & protocol governance in a transparent, verifiable manner directly on Warpcast.

Protocol governance documentation will be published on our app and posted in the /proxyswap channel on Farcaster.

$PROXY Token

Contract: 0xA051A2Cb19C00eCDffaE94D0Ff98c17758041D16
Supply: 1,000,000

Initial Distribution

Contributors: 5,000
Airdrop #1: 100,000
Farcaster Builders of India: 20,000
Mercenary Capital: 50,000 (held in DAO treasury until we deploy a vesting contract)
Liquidity: 200,000
DAO Treasury: 625,000

More details on token distribution, airdrops, and DAO treasury management to follow launch. We are building custom vesting contracts and a Proxyswap compatible liquidity locker for $PROXY LP, as no such infrastructure currently exists on DL3.

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