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Proxy Studio Updates


Dear Subscribers,

In the interest of reach, these studio announcements are public.


Proxy Studio's gated group chat is transitioning to Telegram. While my preference would be to keep our Farcaster-native community on Warpcast, chat functionality is too limited for our community's growing needs.

Sign in with collabland to join the token-gated Telegram group.

Please support the transition by moving conversations from the Warpcast chat onto Telegram. If you are interested in moderating our chat, or have suggestions on group organization (topics, announcements) please direct cast @proxystudio.eth.

sunsetting the /openventures NFT

During the Proxy's early days, one of our first experiments was an /openventures channel wallet. Deployed alongside this screenshot essay, the channel wallet also held some studio assets.

Based on Party Protocol's Room suite, several individuals purchased /openventures channel wallet NFTs, which quickly traded above the price of a 6-month Proxy Studio subscription. These token holders were given equal access to subscription token holders.

In the interest of consolidating Proxy Studio's brand and administrative duties, /openventures channel wallet tokens will no longer provide access to gated studio content or spaces. Anyone who purchased an /openventures Room NFT prior to the publication of this update will be issued a subscription token with time minted equivalent to the price they paid for the /openventures NFT.

If you expect to receive a subscription token and do not by Monday, April 8th, please reach out directly on Warpcast.

/openventures is Proxy Studio's public facing channel on Warpcast. The channel wallet may be used in the future, but we are now a one-token project.

subscription cap

Proxy Studio's hypersub is currently capped at 151 tokens. Once all /openventures NFT holders are transitioned to the subscription token, the cap will be gradually raised to 200. Several subscriptions are reserved for individuals who requested access personally. Tokens will also be available to mint on a rolling basis throughout April, and until the new cap of 200 is filled.

community trading fund

Proxy Studio's token-gated community trading fund is off to a promising start, with roughly $16,000 in profit since launching 6 days ago. Additional shares will be available for subscription token holders to purchase on Monday. Please look out for an announcement on paragraph, and in the telegram chat for more information on contributing funds.

domain & website

Proxy Studio has secured an appropriate domain, and contracted a studio subscriber to help create a simple landing page.

Thank you for your patience and support as the Studio continues to grow. Long FC.

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