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Points? Airdrops? Pre-market Tokens? Meet Pump Markets.

Trade Blast Gold pre-launch market on Pump today and maximize your yield!

Introducing Pump Markets 

We’re proud to announce what we’ve been cookin’: Pump Markets, the ultimate pre-market protocol. A few months ago, we set out to solve capital inefficiency. TL;DR: it’s a big issue with current OTC points marketplaces. On Pump Markets, you can trade your points and airdrop allocations before TGE (Token Generation Event) and earn yield while you’re at it.

Here’s why you should trade on Pump:

  • We’re the only place where you can trade Blast and Blast ecosystem pre-market (More chains to come). 

  • Buyers and sellers receive up to 15% yield on their collateral deposited into orders.

  • Sellers have increased flexibility to reduce collateral requirements by up to 50%

  • Our innovative Proof-of-Collateral NFTs unlock idle liquidity for buyers.

  • Trading on Pump means you get Pump Points, Blast Gold, Blast Points & Blast Native Yield. 

After 3 weeks in private mainnet, we’ve seen $100,000 TVL, $250,000 in trading volume, and 25,000 active wallets. Earlier this month, we went live on Blast mainnet. This is just the beginning. We hope you’ll join us. The future is greener with Pump! 

Read more about Pump Markets here

New Listing Alert: Blast Gold

Blast Gold will be listed on Wed, June 12! Just in time for Blast’s token airdrop on June 26. Blast Gold will convert to $BLAST. 

Blast is an L2 with native yield. Find out more about Blast here.

Why should you trade Blast Gold? 

  • Have you seen how fast it's growing? The L2 has a TVL of over $2 billion. It’s the sixth-biggest network (after Ethereum, Solana, Tron, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum).

  • Punk9059 estimates that the price for $BLAST will be around $7 (a conservative estimate in his words). While Boomer estimates that it could reach $9.

@boredboomer_eth's prediction

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