Early Access

Introducing Pureflex — a micro-applications platform with AI capability to deliver quick access and deployment pipeline for Business, Developers, Scientists, and Creators!


With Pureflex, build your application with easy to learn Flex code. Deploy and watch it return with results. Your application can be run once or deployed as a persistent application that runs continuously.


Deploy your code for Public use with Pureflex Interface, a feature that allows your users to interact with your application.


Employ a growing set of modules to your code including AI, Generate, File, Datasearch, and Fetch to maximise your application’s utility.

With a touch of a button, Pureflex will do the rest!

Learn More

Check our docs to learn more about Pureflex here: https://docs.pureflex.app. You shall find documentations outlining what and how each of the features work in our platform.

Get Started

Pureflex is now live on Early Access, visit https://pureflex.app and create an account for free!


Let us know on contact@pureflex.app.

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