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Solana Blockchain Faces Downtime, Validators Gear Up for Restart

Solana blockchain experiences downtime, prompting validators to prepare for restart

The Solana network encountered a significant outage on Feb. 6 at 10:22 UTC, leading to a halt in block production. Engineers and validators are actively investigating the issue on the mainnet beta, with preparations underway for a restart.

The downtime on the Solana mainnet has caused block production to cease, prompting core engineers and validators to investigate the issue. The blockchain explorer has confirmed the outage, indicating a need for further investigation.

Social media users have noticed the absence of block production on the Solana blockchain for over 25 minutes, a deviation from its usual production time. Stakewiz, a Solana validator, has mentioned that developers are working on a fix and preparing for a restart.

Validators are currently generating snapshots of the blockchain's state to ensure consistency and prepare for the restart. Once a fix is ready, validators will proceed with restarting the Mainnet-Beta cluster.

The Solana blockchain has faced multiple network outages and block production downtimes since its launch in March 2020. Despite offering scalable solutions and faster transaction processing times, network-related issues have persisted, requiring developers to restart the network multiple times.

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