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And the winner of the reel competition is...

Community creativity unleashed

Congratulations to Sergio from Colombia / Vancouver (@ciclistico) and rider with Glotman Simpson Cycling - his was chosen as best event reel 2023 by you in the community vote!

Watch the reel now

Here's what Sergio had to say:

"What a ride! After crashing one week before training, I feel lucky I was able to pedal my way through one of the most thrilling races ever: the "Forte”, 152 km and 3100 mts elevation(!) from Stanley Park in Vancouver, ascending Cypress Mountain and then cruising the iconic Sea to Sky Highway up to Whistler.

"From the electrifying expo atmosphere the day before to the adrenaline-fueled 6 am start, every moment celebrated camaraderie and the relentless human spirit with volunteers and fellow riders helping me out fixing a flat tire! The picturesque views were our company throughout the journey, and every uphill battle was an equation with self-discovery.

"I’m already stoked for next year’s Gran Fondo. I encourage you to test your limits while embracing the exquisite beauty of this fantastic route. Who else is ready to be amazed and feel the rush in their hearts in 2024? Let’s goooo!"

Winning a Turkish Airlines trip for 2 worth up to $8000 is...

Congratulations, Danielle G from Toronto, you've just won a Turkish Airlines trip for 2 worth up to $8000! 

Registering right after registration opened, Danielle says 2024 will be her first ever RBC GranFondo Whistler and she cannot wait to take part! She'll be riding with her group, Beaches Cycling Club, who currently have 8 riders travelling over from Ontario. We are thrilled to host you all next September.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on your emails over the coming year for more great competitions like this!

The 15 year anniversary celebrations are only just getting started.

Let's keep putting waste in its place

As you know, one of RBC GranFondo Whistler's aims is to be officially Zero Waste. 

Since 2018 and with your efforts we have dramatically decreased overall landfill contribution consistently. You can check out the public report from the 2023 event here.

The signs are good, but there is still more work to be done. The main improvement area is course, where a single misplaced item of waste into the wrong bin can compromise the entire bag given that it isn't feasible to manually re-sort through everything.

In 2024, we will work even harder to diminish this impact, and will again look to you for help! In the meantime, thank you for your amazing efforts to better steward these beautiful lands on which we ride.

And there's more...

This past weekend, among the UNESCO hills of Prosecco, Italy, RBC GranFondo Whistler was delighted to sign a memorandum on environmental sustainability to embrace the World Cycling Sustainable Event Project.

Launched in 2022 by Prosecco Cycling and joining the co-signees Five Boro Bike Tour of New York and Cape Town Cycle Tour - two of the world's highest attended amateur cycling events - this project underlies our commitment to promoting and showcasing environmentally and sustainably sound practices, as well as taking up the call for other events to follow suit.

Together, let's use cycling as an environmental force for good.

XFondo Whistler, Sat June 15th -
What limits?

Eyes on the prize:
what will you remember 2024 for?

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