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My 100-day AI art{work} experiment.

I've always admired those who can transform their creativity into visual expressions — especially artists, developers, and designers.

Taking an idea or concept and materializing it for others to see and interact with is an incredible superpower. While I consider myself a creative type, until now, my creativity has been confined mostly to my professional work. I can't illustrate or code, and I'm more of a hack at using design tools. Yet, I have an insatiable desire to create. To take the endless stream of random thoughts and ideas that pop into my head and express them, often visually.

I started playing with AI art very early on, delving into tools such as DALL·E, Midjourney, and RunwayML, and I've spent countless hours across them. Also, once all crypto-related, my social feed gradually became populated with content from AI art pioneers like Kris Kashtanova, Javi Lopez, and Framer. Until now, I've only shared my creations with my wife. She's been both willing and wonderful as an audience, but understandably, she can take only so much of my constant show-and-tell.

I've been down enough rabbit holes to realize when I'm starting to fall into a new passion, and that's why I'm writing this to announce that I'm embarking on a 100-day journey to explore my AI creativity. Over the next 100 (non-consecutive) days, I'll be creating and sharing my outputs, which I'm calling my "art{work}."

Why art{work}? Well — because, while there's an ongoing debate about whether AI-generated art counts as real "art," — the "work" involved is unquestionable. Anyone who's dedicated serious time to prompting knows it demands considerable patience and effort to achieve that perfect output. You might run the same prompt hundreds of times and only find one result you deem share-worthy, or sometimes, you end up with nothing at all. More often than not, there's some post-editing required to fine-tune those final touches. Then there are those magical moments when you strike gold with just a few attempts.

Midjourney is my tool of choice, largely because of its distinctive output style, robust features, and frequent updates. While most users concentrate on using /imagine (default command), I find myself particularly attracted to /blend and /describe. The former allows me to collide images that catch my eye into a fantastically twisted union, often giving birth to an entirely novel art style, while the latter deconstructs an image into its elements to rebirth something new. I absolutely love the constant unpredictability and element of surprise that come with the entire process.

I'll be creating my art{work} under the alias 'rpB,' a nod to my username and a playful acronym for 'robot prompted by.' Each piece will be uniquely branded and available for a limited mint on Zora.

Here's what I'm hoping to achieve with this experiment:

  • (Maybe) find an art{work} style that I end up sticking with.

  • (Hopefully) cover the costs of my AI tool subscriptions.

  • (Definitely) have fun exploring this new passion of mine and making new friends along the way.

Along the way, I'll figure out the best way to share my learnings and my art{work}, and much like the AI creation process, I'm sure there will be other surprises. If you're curious to see where this journey takes me, feel free to subscribe here and follow me on:

To anyone who's made it this far, a massive thank you for your support. As a gesture of appreciation, I invite you to mint this special Day 0 art{work}, my favorite creation to date, "Fragmented Rêverie."

It's a free, one-week limited mint (just cover the gas, 1 per wallet). I hope you enjoy it!

Until next time, keep calm and /prompt on.

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