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#2 - An Honest Self Talk

DailyThots: Writing my daily thoughts as I build a startup tool that rethinks how people work together from the ground up.

After spending the day finishing up the graphql tutorial and looking at backend architecture I realized I needed to have an honest self talk. I wasn't learning all of these skills so I could build a better product. I was doing it as a fall back. The product would be a portfolio project to show off my full stack engineer capabilities. It was about engineering and not about building a successful product.

I've been moving way to slowly to continue to lie to myself. So the question is, what are you going to do? The fact that I'm continuing to write this post is a big hint. It's also good that I'm writing this because it forces introspection and honesty which wasn't the goal but I'm finding is a very useful benefit.

So do I believe in my idea? I don't know. Do I think it deserves a genuine shot? Absolutely. I'm doing myself and the idea a disservice. So it's time to forget about architecture and start hacking together a proper MVP. Full of all the shortcuts. It actually works nicely because there is a meta level of building a tool to help startups as a startup.

Even this building an MVP vs engineering I'm finding is clarifying parts of what I want the initial version to look like. It's a feedback loop and I'm excited and curious to see how it would work. It's exciting because things feel more focused now. I'm excited to see the idea in action. Who knows what it is. I just want to see it in person and then we'll go from there.

End of Daily Thot #2

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