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#6 Daily Thots:- Flutter, Vercel, Hasura, Neon and Magic

Time to Start Building 🫡

Ok so as I total novice. Here is how I'm choosing to build the minimum viable product.

  • Code flutter front end

  • Host on Vercel

  • Connect to Hasura for Graphql

  • Neon for Database

  • Use and JWT integration for user auth

Code Front End in Flutter

The logic behind this is pretty simple. I've done a mini bootcamp on it before so am pretty familiar with it (will have to relearn but still). It's works across platforms. So I can build the web app and use the same code base to build a desktop, iOS and Android app. It's also very performative due to a bunch of stuff people have said but I can't remember.

Host on Vercel

Lots of people on Farcaster were using Vercel to host their projects. A quick Google search says they're taking over the market Netlify has. I put up the demo app and it worked fine, so it's definitely easy to use. They advertise on their front page they're built to help front end teams develop and iterate quickly. All of which is good enough for me. Not to mention they also have docs on how to connect to Hasura so more good news.

Connect to Hasura for Graphql

So two things that make me want to use Hasura. 1 it has a Neon integration which is what I'll be using for the database so that's huge. But most importantly it means I don't have to write a bunch of GraphQL. I can just make the tables and let it generate the GraphQL. Which means I can separate how I think about the how the data is structured and the front end that generates the data. Which will make it easier to iterate on both fronts.

Neon for Database

As for why I chose Neon I'm just going to copy + paste what I wrote last time. Again just to reiterate: Don't ask me what I'm doing. I have no idea what I'm doing, it just feels right.

I chose Neon because Replit is using them so I know they won't go out of business for a while. Also they made it easy to connect to Hasura so I took that as a sign from the universe. Also their docs seemed fairly intuitive.

Neon is serverless. Which from what I understand means that I just need to worry about what functions I want to run and that's it. Which is what I want. Here is the data from the front end, here's the functions I want you to run on it, and here's where I want you to store the results. But first let's just have something up and running. and JWT integration for User Auth

The reason I chose Magic is two reasons. It lets me use JWT which Hasura has docs for how to implement so that's good. Magic also has a lot of web3 auth functionality which eventually I'll need to incorporate so it'll be good to have that ready to add on when I'm ready.

The Hasura Dilemma

So right now Hasura is doing a lot of magic as far as I'm concerned in the middle. Which is fine, theoretically the only real concern is the GraphQL scheme so if I ever need to I can remove it from the middle when I have a better idea of what I'm doing. When I'm coding I guess I'll just keep that in mind and try to make that potentially as painless as I can.

The End

That's as far as I understand things at the moment and if it gets me to a point where I can build and iterate as fast as possible than that's perfect to get me to a point where I can validate my idea. The tricky part of all this is that I'm building a platform to help entrepreneurs/startups so I constantly have to do a meta-analysis of everything I'm doing to see how I can improve the structure of the app. It's nice because I get to be my own customer but it's also frustrating because sometimes I get dizzy doing third party analysis of myself building something that should be built with the thing that I'm building.


I've also decided to try my hand at daily vlogging again. It will probably be as daily as this blog (not very) but I'm excited to see how that goes. It forces a lot of inspection of what I'm doing which is overhead but if I'm enjoying myself it will be a nice creative break as well as provide a analysis of what I'm doing and maybe even help when I put my idea out there for feedback.

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