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Regen Roundup / Fall 2023

Fundraising, New Collabs, RU Berlin Recap & Next Events!

🌱 Dear Regens,

This is the Regens Unite Roundup for Fall 2023!
We hope this message finds you well and thriving.

πŸ‘€ Sneak Peek:

  • Newsletter Updates

  • Fundraising with the magic of QF πŸ’«

  • New Partnerships & Regen Collaborations 🀝

  • ReFi Week at The Traditional Dream Factory πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή

  • A Regen Track at d:pact alongside DevConnect Istanbul πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

  • Regens Unite Berlin Recap πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ

  • Exciting Gatherings in the Community! 🫢

First, a note about our newsletters:

Fall is upon us, a time for sharing the harvest of our efforts and our gratitude for the beauty and love surrounding us, especially in times of great global conflict.

As we enter the seasons for regeneration and reflection, we are taking the time to review our energetic summer of events and plan the next steps for the coming year.

In this spirit, we've decided to change the rhythm of this newsletter from monthly to seasonal editions. 🍁 This gives our small team the necessary time to focus on the evolution of our mission, source and curate high-quality content, and regenerate in between.

As we steadily approach the year's end, we're excited to share the latest on our active fundraising opportunities, exciting new partnerships, past events and upcoming gatherings.

For day-to-day updates, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook, and connect with the community on Telegram.

Regens News πŸ—ž

πŸ’ž We're fundraising on Giveth & Gitcoin!

The Regens Unite core team does all of its event organizing, media production, and communications work voluntarily, and predominantly unpaid. Outside of a few small event sponsorships, Regens Unite has been entirely supported by donations so far. While we are developing a sustainable business model to change this, we need funding now to continue our work.

Until Oct 23-24th, you can support our mission through some incredibly impactful opportunities that we'd love to share below. πŸ™

With (quadratic) funding matching offered through these platforms, every donation of $1 can get matched by $20, $30, or more. That's huge for us!

πŸ‘‰ Until Oct 23: Quadratic Funding on Giveth

The innovative crowdfunding platform, Giveth, is running a quadratic funding round and we've been accepted as a participating project.

Until October 23rd, you can donate to our project on the Optimism network and your donation will get matched through the magic of quadratic funding. $25,000 in matching funds will be distributed to participating projects after the round ends.

The more individual donations we receive, the bigger the matching - so every bit of support increases the impact for our project!

πŸ‘‰ Until Oct 24: Quadratic Funding on Gitcoin

Two of our core team members, Corinna and Guil, have been accepted to participate in the current Gitcoin Citizens round for their work to help expose new fundraising opportunities through in-person events and soon, digital webinars! $22,000 in matching funds will be distributed to participating citizens after the round ends.

Until Oct 24th, you can donate to their grants and increase their chances to receive greater matching funds! Check out their grants here:

What's next? We're gearing up for Gitcoin Grants Round 19, coming soon in November 2023.

Follow the latest updates on Twitter, and stay tuned for more details very soon.

🌱 New Media Partnerships for Regens Unite!

We are proud to announce recent collaborations with an incredible group of community builders. Our commitment to regeneration goes far beyond our gatherings; it extends to how we engage and communicate with the world. Together, we are committed to spreading the message of regenerative practices, inspiring change, and creating a brighter, more sustainable future for all!

Our new media partnerships represent a significant step in amplifying our mission and connecting with a broader audience through powerful storytelling. 🀝

Refi DAO is a network society on a mission to regenerate the earth. Their vision is to realize a global regenerative economy rooted in local startup communities that acquire land and other real-world assets.

BanklessDAO is a community of passionate web3 thought-leaders who aim to educate new users, produce written and audio media, build DAO tooling, provide consulting services, develop Web3 scholarship, and create a social and creative home base for anyone in Web3.

Open Collective is a legal and financial toolbox for grassroots groups. It’s money management platform enables communities to quickly set up a legal collective, raise funds and manage them transparently.

GreenPill Network is dedicated to bringing crypto to the real world and solving ground-level problems! They are a setting up local chapters across the world to bring communities together and run local quadratic funding rounds.

EthicHub is a ReFi (Regenerative Finance) protocol helping unbanked farmers access capital at low interest rates in a win/win model where all stakeholders benefit from interacting. By January 2023, their crowd-lending platform has already intermediated over $3M in micro loans to more than 600 families in 5 countries.

All For Climate DAO is a community of active citizens building the new Greenpeace for the 21st century: decentralized, transparent, and open for everyone to contribute and take action in the social and ecological crisis.

Past Events πŸ‘€

What a turnout at Regens Unite Berlin! The second annual edition took place alongside Berlin Blockchain Week, Climate & Transport Week, and Art Week on Sept 15th-16th. ✨

Leaders and builders from platform cooperatives, regenerative agriculture, climate activism, personal development, regenerative finance (ReFi), decentralized organizations (DAOs), indigenous art & culture, and decentralized science (DeSci) met on the ground for two days of provocative exchanges, learnings, music & food.

🌟 Check out the full recap thread here!

The goal was to create a unique space for new connections to emerge between diverse communities, around the shared interest of regeneration. Over 50 session holders facilitated a diverse range of workshops and interactive panels.

We experimented with new ways of exchanging value, such as a community currency in the form of RGN tokens enabled by Citizen Wallet, as well as a Regen Lottery inviting participants to contribute regenerative offerings to one another! πŸ’š

We greatly appreciate the diversity of backgrounds across the 200 participants who showed up with open minds, ready to contribute and engage.

Thank you to our incredibly supportive community, all of our volunteers, our host and friends at Moos in Berlin, our partners, and the Regens Unite team. We are all crew. 🫢

Upcoming Events 🌍

ReFi Week at TDF 🌲

Dates: Oct 27th - Nov 3rd

Location: Abela, Portugal

In partnership with ReFi Lisboa, Silvi Protocol, and the Crypto Commons Association, the Traditional Dream Factory, ReFi DAO, and Regens Unite invite you to come together with us for a week-long co-living event focused on regeneration, co-working, co-creation, community-building, and celebration.

As the ReFi movement stands at a crucial crossroads, this gathering serves not just as a celebration of our shared values but as an actionable platform for progress. Here, you'll have the unparalleled chance to pitch your vision and receive invaluable feedback from leading ReFi and Web3 maestros. This opportunity for personal consulting, paired with our array of expertly curated workshops, will provide attendees with the insights needed to refine and co-create our roadmaps and projects together. But it's not all work. This week also encapsulates the spirit of regeneration with mass tree-planting sessions, and hands-on utilizing of leading ReFi & Web3 technologies, ideas and systems.

πŸ‘‰ Get your ticket HERE.

D:pact πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

Dates: Nov 15th

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

D:pact is a one-day conference taking place at the heart of Istanbul alongside DevConnect. This immersive experience goes beyond technical jargon, diving deep into complex concepts from a non-technical perspective. Regens Unite joins d:pact, along with Funding the Commons and Token Engineering Academy as a content partner, adding another layer and depth to the discussions.

D:pact has uncovered the perfect conference that delves into the realms of Governance, Media, Regenerative Movements and Impact. Here, lively discussions come to life, and authentic connections take root, propelling us to thrive and bring about positive change in our interconnected world.

πŸ‘‰ Get your ticket HERE.

Regens Community πŸ’š

🌎 The Latest on Community Gatherings

Liberating Structures Learning Journey - Cohort #3

As any event organizer knows, you can hustle to reach more attendees, but if your events are not engaging, they won't have a meaningful impact.

Jeremy Akers, Bruno Roemers and Silvia de la Torre Diaz offer a fast lane towards hosting inclusive gatherings that tap into the collective intelligence of your audience. This ensures your gatherings use everyone's time in the best possible way.

πŸ‘‰ This cohort kicks off Nov 11! For more details, please contact your coaches Jeremy, Bruno or Silvia.

Futurecraft Residency

At a week-long facilitated residency exploring regenerative and resilient futures in the heart of Costa Rica, this is the perfect opportunity to make new friends for life, deepen your current practices and explore some new ideas and activities you might not be so familiar with.

Following the success of their first residency, you're invited to join Stephen Reid, Anna Ling, Laura Gottlieb, Jae Spencer Keyse and special guest facilitators for the next Futurecraft Residency, this time taking place at the stunning Brave Earth in Costa Rica from 12th – 19th December 2023.

Residency l'Arbre s'exprime

Join us for a transformative journey at the Art-Residency Winter 2024, taking place from January 22nd to February 21st in La Matrice Campus at "l'Arbre qui Pousse," an eco-village near Brussels. This unique gathering brings together artists, storytellers, researchers, and solar punk nomads to write, share, and live regenerative and healing stories.

Immerse yourself in a tapestry of workshops, research, art, rituals, and seeds of wisdom to be shared with the world. Whether you're seeking personal art projects, collective narratives, or the essence of the hosting space, this residency offers a space for self-discovery, reinventing living together, and reflecting on the role of intelligent art (IA) and artificial intelligence (AI) in storytelling.

If this resonates with you, don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this transformative experience. Read here for more information and details about the Art-Residency program, and apply here.

🍿 Youtube Spotlight: What's next for the Climate Movements?

In this talk, Gail Bradbrook, cofounder of Extinction Rebellion, talks about what’s next for the climate movements. She envisions a future where communities reclaim their land, build local economies, prioritize mental well-being, and protect their resources. She advocates for local communities to link with others globally to address shared challenges (rooted locally, globally connected πŸ‘€) and she calls for a shift from domination to cooperation, from destruction to regeneration, and from despair to hope. 🌻

πŸ“£ Open Call for Regen Contributors

  • Got a passion for fundraising and promotions?

  • Love creating fun, engaging content for socials?

Regens Unite is looking for volunteer support to help us grow and sustain our platform through powerful storytelling and effective fundraising. Sometimes, it's just as simple as helping us get the word out or crafting some creative posts! If you're interested to get involved, please send an email to or reach out to us on Telegram.

Wishing you well and warm regards,

The Regens Unite Team πŸ’š

Connect with our community on Telegram to continue the conversation! To stay up-to-date on our latest news and events, make sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.

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