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Regen Roundup / February 2024

Kick off 2024

🌱 Dear Regens,

This is the first Regen Roundup of 2024 with a beautiful recap video of 2023 and a ton of upcoming events and gatherings! We hope this message finds you well and thriving.

👀 Sneak Peek:

  • Reconnecting to our mission and throwback 2023 (with an awesome video!)

  • Online gatherings and offerings: March program 🔥

  • Live events coming up in spring and early summer 🌱

  • Exciting events in the Regen Community! 🫶

The mission of Regens Unite is to create opportunities for all of us to meet, relate and connect in a meaningful way, to co-create and learn with one another, beyond our respective bubbles. We do this with the intention to connect deeper to ourselves, to others and to our environment and nature. The question we live and research together is: what else is possible? In that process, curiosity is our guide, uncertainty our challenge.

In 2022 and 2023, we organised 10 in-person gatherings and retreats to bring together diverse groups of regenerators and system changers in thoughtfully facilitated, co-created, and curated events. We focused on building bridges between a wide variety of backgrounds and generations, fostering trust, nurturing curiosity towards others, and weaving true human connections. This beautiful video, made by Guil (🙏🏽), conveys the vibes and mission of Regens Unite.

We all bring a crucial piece to the puzzle. We unite not to fit in, nor to blur the differences, but to experience more community and belonging as we revisit and become more conscious about the relationships we have with ourselves, others, and our planet. It is not our differences that divide us, but our judgment about those differences. Activists, healers, teachers, dreamers, tech builders, organisational designers, artists, facilitators, commoners, leaders, creators, rebels, community weavers — all of you are welcome here. Bring who you are, bring your voice, and join with an open mind.

Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone.” (M. Wheatley)

In 2024, we will continue to create opportunities for meeting others, not only in person but also online. Alongside the in-person events, we will offer a wide variety of online gatherings. Whether we meet online or in person, these five core pillars of how we hold and create intentional spaces remain steadfast.

We gather …

  • to reconnect to ourselves, to the other, to the bigger picture and to nature.

  • to cross-pollinate, learn from each other and support each other by sharing knowledge and experience in an interactive way. No-one knows as much as everyone.

  • to regen, rejuvenate and recharge. We recognise having fun, movement, action and doing, as much as finding stillness, reflection and being to regenerate and connect to life.

  • to embrace our differences and move beyond judgement. Diversity is a crucial aspect of a healthy ecosystem. We choose curiosity over judgement.

  • to contribute to creating and (re)telling stories of regeneration, shared responsibility and kinship. We are all crew. We all have a role in the story and we are conscious of our impact.

You are warmly invited to explore with us: what else is out there? What else is possible? Who else is searching, building, dreaming and offering? What can I discover and learn?

Do you also want to unite regens? By setting up a local gathering? Or by kickstarting a project that would gather regenerators? Or by helping us? Reach out! For day-to-day updates, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook, and connect with the community on Telegram.

Online events - March

Our very first online programme 🔥! More opportunities to meet one another, weave the mycelium network and discover what else is possible. Subscribe to the Lu.Ma calendar here

🧘🏼‍♀️ Vinyasa Yoga with MagicDana

📆 March 4th, 18:00-19:00 CET Register

Facilitator: Dana Hawwash. Vinyasa Yoga is a holistic practice, working out the body, mind, and heart and bringing you closer to your authentic self. In this 60-minute class, we will move and breathe together to relax the body, warm up the spine, build up to a peak pose, cool down, and reap the benefits of the practice. See you on the mat! 

🎓 Organise events for deeper human connections

📆 March 11th Monday - 20:00 CET Register

Facilitator: Leen Schelfhout. Power Circles, not Power Points: the deeper democracy of Regens Unite events. How to create and hold spaces that nurture deeper human connections? What is the secret of Regens Unite gatherings and how can you create your own space? 

 Ground Your Masculine ∆-O

📆 March 18th Monday - 19:00 CET Register

Facilitator: Timothée Bres. Mens Work, Leadership, Inner Growth. New leadership needs new masculinity. One that is both powerful and vulnerable. Join us for an intro circle to our web3 GYM leadership course. For men desiring to increase grounding, clarity, emotional agility and reconcile impact and alignment. More about Adrogynous Organisations

🌟 Celebrating the spring equinox 🌱

📆 March 20th Wednesday - 20:00 CET Register

Facilitators: Leen and Jeremy. Spring Equinox - community call with opportunity for reflection and connection. In these calls we reconnect to the cycle of life and nature.

Around this day we have an almost exactly equal amount of daylight and night across most latitudes on Earth. The spring or march equinox marks the beginning of the planting season and for all of us it is an invitation to renew, to plant ideas, and to awake after a long winter. 

💸 Designing new value networks - intro to Token Engineering

📆 March 21th - 14:00-15:00 CET Register

Facilitator: Angela Kreitenweis. Token Engineering Academy will introduce how the crypto-native discipline of token engineering works to construct innovative new value networks that facilitate equitable and sustainable exchanges beyond traditional economic models. 

🌀 The Power of the Subconscious mind

📆 March 24th Sunday - 14:00 CET🧠 Register

Facilitator: Dana Hawwash. Ready for a life upgrade? Join us on a journey of self-discovery and unlock the transformative power of your subconscious mind! By increasing your knowledge , you'll navigate life with newfound understanding and tap into your abilities as a creator, with ease, joy and A LOT of FUN. 

💸 How can we regen our local economy? 

📆 March 27th Wednesday - 19:30-21:30 CET Register

Facilitators: Leen Schelfhout, Jeremy Akers, Kevin Sundar Raj, Xavier Damman. How can we regen our local economy? Join us in exploring this topic with people who have created local currencies in various communities. More information about this initiative here Initiated by: Citizenwallet

Do you have an offering to the community we can add to our online calendar? Don't hesitate to reach out: We highly value diversity in backgrounds in our offerings, and we always make sure we honour the 5 pillars of every gathering we host, online or offline.

Upcoming live events

🍀 Regens Unite London - Friday March 15th

Join us for the second edition of Regens Unite London 2024 at Space4, just around the corner from Finsbury Park, on March 15th from 11:30 to 21:00. More information and registration here

🍀 Honor the Earth Festival Amsterdam - 20-21 April

We are very pleased to announce that we are official partners of the Earth Day event 20-21 April 2024 in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. Initiated by 7billion Presidents and Her Many Voices this two-day festival will focus on honouring the earth, and co-envisioning and co-creating the society we want. More info and registration here

🍀Enchanted Village gathering at Selgars Mill, UK - July 3-7

Enchanted is a co-created gathering hosted every year at Selgars Mill Estate in the UK in Devon. Regens Unite is a co-organising partner of this beautiful festival that finds a balance between magic, reconnection to the land, dance and play, and diving into deep questions together. More info and registration here.

Exciting events in the community

Re:storying communications: new pathways for caring and courageous visionaries

📆 6 March - online - 17-18:30h CET: info and registration

At a time of growing distrust, disengagement, and depression, restoried's launch workshop offers fresh perspectives on the potential of storytelling, conversations, visualisation, and more.

Regenerative communications can play a key role in channeling collective attention towards what’s essential at this time of change: healing, meaning, and aliveness. Indeed, many are craving for deeper connections and being part of a greater story — a story of regeneration.

CoFi Berlin: Building at the local

📆 12 -15 March 2024 IRL, Berlin: info and registration
Gathering in Berlin to build the future finance you didn’t know we needed. From passionate infrastructure and monetary theorists to community builders, CoFi relies on interdisciplinary efforts to design, implement, and apply mechanisms for achieving economic goals cost-efficiently. 

Group Adventure for Consciousness Pirates?

📆12 week online course starting 24th of March: info and registration

We're calling to you, wyrdos, edge-dwellers and neurospicy folks. Those who seek transformation, those eager to play with magick. You are invited to join our treasure hunt into the depths of your minds, a quest for Cognitive Liberty via exploration of our Central Nervous System. Expect some magick 🪄🏴‍☠

Reinventing masculinity for a new leadership

📆6 weeks online course starting 7th of May: info and registration

How to develop a high trust & high performance culture? How to scale your impact while maintaining core values alignment? How to benefit from the best of both centralised-directive & decentralised-participative models? Who is this for? Founders/leaders in the tech space who want to ground their masculine & direct your their energy in service of life will be critical in this age of decentralisation. 🕺🏼

Dragon Dreaming Intensive | Berlin (in English)

📆5-10 May 2024 IRL at Moos : info and registration

A 5-day transformative training experience to facilitate visionary collaborative projects, with Manuela Bosch and Valeria Sabirova. Limited amount of Early Bird tickets available. Save your spot! 🐲🐉

Support the rebuild of the Commons Hub in Austria

On February 5th, a tragedy happened to our friends of the Commons Hub in Austria. Their beautiful building has been destroyed and they are facing costs of 50000-80000 euros. You can have a look at the full story here 👇🏾 and support them on their giveth page or via open collective. 🙏🏽

Wishing you well and warm regards,

The Regens Unite Team 💚

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