Support our fundraise on Giveth by Oct 23rd!

The broader the support, the bigger the match 💚

Hello Regens,

Big news! The innovative crowdfunding platform, Giveth, is running a quadratic funding round and we've been accepted as a participating project.

From now through October 23rd, you can donate to our project on the Optimism network and your donation will get matched through the magic of quadratic funding. $25,000 in matching funds will be distributed to participating projects after the round ends.

The more individual donations we receive, the bigger the matching - so every bit of support increases the impact for our project!

1 DAI becomes $25? 😍

How to do it:

  1. Head to our project on Giveth.

  2. Click the pink "Donate" button, follow the steps to switch to the Optimism network and select your token of choice for your donation.

  3. Make sure to verify your Gitcoin Passport and get a score of at least 5 before Oct 23rd to ensure your donations on Optimism get matched. You'll also receive GIVbacks rewards!

  4. Share this message with your friends! 💚

Helpful Resources:

Never heard of Quadratic Funding? Check out this cool explainer page.

Here's a list of bridges to the Optimism network.

If you don't know how to do any of this but are interested to learn, please reach out to us at or on Telegram. We'd love to walk you through it, and show you how you can participate with your own project next time.

Your support means the world to us!

Warm regards,

The Regens Unite Team 💚

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