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On this special bonus episode of Rehash recorded live in Denver on March 1, 2024, we’re hosting a friendly debate between Hudson Jameson (Polygon), Disruption Joe (Arbitrum), and Binji (Optimism) on which Layer 2 chain is the best one.


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On our final special bonus episode of Rehash recorded live in Denver on March 1, 2024, we’re holding our first ever debate between three major L2 chains: Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. The representatives from each chain are Hudson Jameson (Polygon), Disruption Joe (Arbitrum), and Binji (Optimism).

Each representative gives opening and closing statements about why the layer 2 chain they’re working on is the best one, shares some popular use cases for projects building on their chain, and some even attack other chains in an attempt to win the L2 wars.

This debate is all in good fun, as we all believe in a multichain future and are rooting for the success of all three chains, but we do wrap up the episode by asking our live studio audience to vote on which chain they’re most bullish on after hearing the debates.

At the end of the day, we all want each other to win, and we all want Ethereum to win.


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