🎙️ S4 E1 | Content Worth Collecting w/Reka & LDF

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In our first episode of Season 4, we speak with Reka and LDF about creating and sharing content, curating experiences, and building community in web3. Reka is the founder of Guild, a membership and rewards platform, and she and LDF have been working on a new project called CHAOS for the last few months.

Reka and LDF were nominated by Louis and voted onto the podcast by Adam Levy, Katy Atherholt, Justin Conley, Deana Burke, Daisy Alioto, Aaron Soskin, Govrn, Christina Beltramini, and Anay Sim.


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Reka and LDF are pioneering the charge for more and better web3 content. They are bold, inspiring, and unapologetically themselves. A few months ago, they launched CHAOS, a project focused on user testing web3 apps and experimenting with new ways of doing things, all while publicly documenting their activities and progress. You can read more about CHAOS here.

We start this episode by talking about learning in public through content creation and some of the challenges with content co-creation that Reka and LDF have experienced while trying to co-create content over the last few months. Both guests are big proponents of creating content as a means of learning - whether publicly or privately (they prefer publicly).

From there, we pivot into talking about “content worth collecting” - a concept that is frequently talked about on Crypto Twitter nowadays and used by Adam Levy as the theme for his latest season of the Mint Podcast (listen to the episode featuring our host, Diana Chen). Reka and LDF share their thoughts on the differences between collecting and buying content, the most common reasons why people collect content, and what value podcast NFTs have.

In addition to web3 content, we also explore ideas around curating experiences and community building in web3. Reka shares her measure of whether an experience or event is high quality by asking herself whether she would take the time to go to the event or engage in the experience if she were very busy. We discuss the differences between building an audience and building a community and finish with some actionable tips for web3 projects looking to build a community.

Reka and LDF have incredible chemistry but process information in very different ways, so you’ll often hear them explain the same concept in two completely different ways. Reka also shares a surprising story at the very end of the episode about why she still decided to finish vet school and become a vet even after successfully building Guild.


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