🎙️ S4 E10 | One Year of Rehash w/Diana, Tyler, and Ellie

Rehash is the first community-owned podcast, where community members help decide key podcast decisions, like which guests we host on the podcast. Rehash is hosted by Diana Chen and produced by Tyler Internet and Ellie Dots.


In episode 10, we celebrate one year of Rehash by bringing on a couple of new hosts (who you’ve heard from on the podcast before) and bumping Diana to the other side of the table. Guest hosts LDF and Anay Sim ask Diana, Tyler, and Ellie to give listeners a behind the scenes look at Rehash and share their thoughts on crypto native media, the impact of AI on media creation, platformless media, and the value of a niche audience.

Diana, Tyler, and Ellie were nominated by Meg Lister and voted onto the podcast by Frisson, Katy Atherholt, Spencer Graham, Daisy Alioto, Aaron Soskin, Govrn, Anay, and Meg Lister.


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On April 19, 2022, Rehash launched as the first community-owned podcast through a Mirror crowdfund that raised almost 30 ETH for the project, surpassing our goal by nearly 3x. We launched with nothing more than a vague vision of what a podcast DAO might look like and three core values that we were deeply committed to.

Now, one full year later, Rehash is on its fourth season with 55 episodes and a stronger than ever conviction for why community-owned media is the future.

In this episode, we invite on two guest hosts, LDF and Anay, to interview Diana, Tyler, and Ellie, who were with Rehash from the beginning, about the inner workings of the podcast DAO.


Diana, Tyler, and Ellie share Rehash’s backstory and how Rehash has evolved over time. They share the challenges they’ve faced with not being distracted by shiny objects in web3 and some of their secrets to building an engaged community and staying true to themselves and their core beliefs.

The quintet also talk about what crypto-native media means to each of them, the impact of platformless media on creators’ lives, how AI will change the landscape for creators, and their best advice for working in crypto media.

Finally, LDF tries to stump Diana, Tyler, and Ellie with a quick game she and Anay designed, which turned into a Grammy-worthy performance of a never-before-heard hit single Ellie wrote about her favorite web3 project (hint: listen to the end because you don’t want to miss this).


If you enjoyed this episode, you can collect it as a podcast NFT here. There are 20 editions available to collect at 0.005 ETH each. Collecting an episode gets you membership in Rehash DAO, which allows you to nominate guests for future seasons of the podcast. Read more about joining the DAO here.


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