🎙️ S4 E11 | Building for Emerging Nations w/Cami Ramos

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In Episode 11, we speak with Cami Ramos about the importance of crypto investment and development in emerging regions like LATAM, the significance of the DevRel role in web3 projects, how to build a global community, and what account abstraction can unlock for the future of web3. Cami is the Head of DevRel at Fuel, an early contributor at DeveloperDAO, and the creator of Women Build Web3 (WBW3).

Cami was nominated by David Phelps and voted onto the podcast by Paris Rouzati, Scott Moore, Deana Burke, Aaron Soskin, Dennison Bertram, Christina Beltramini, triumph, David Phelps, and Diana Chen.


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Over the last two years, Cami Ramos made a name for herself in the web3 community through her work in developer relations (devrel), a role that many people still aren’t very familiar with. We start by breaking down what the devrel role encompasses and some of the main differences between performing a devrel function at a web2 company vs at a web3 company.

We then talk about talent DAOs - what they are, how they compare to job boards and headhunters, and how big of a role they’ll play in our future. After some theorizing, Cami shares some practical tips from her own experience for building a large community of global contributors from the ground up.

Finally, we talk about an article Cami wrote last fall on the deadend of eurocentric crypto (linked below) and why we should be investing more resources into emerging regions around the world like Latin America. “Necessity breeds innovation” is a mantra Cami stands behind, and she explains her interpretation of that phrase in the context of crypto growth and development.


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