🎙️ S4 E12 | Augmented Reality Social Layer w/Keiran Sim

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In Episode 12, we speak with Keiran Sim about the social implications of augmented reality (AR), how AR brings us closer to the physical world, the intersection of AR and web3, and the value of collecting digital objects. Keiran is the co-founder of Mirage, a platform for geolocated AR objects.

Keiran was nominated by Jordan, who held our third Queen of the Pod NFT from our Mirror Crowdfund.


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On this episode of Rehash, we dive deep into a topic we’ve never discussed on the podcast before: augmented reality (AR). While most of us have a basic understanding of AR and what it enables, like Snapchat filters or virtual try on’s, Keiran Sim has gone deep into the AR social layer and shares his wealth of knowledge with us in this episode.

We start by reviewing the basics of AR, some of the common applications of AR we’ve seen to date, and how AR is different from virtual reality (VR).

Then, we dive deep into the AR social layer, and Keiran shares his thoughts on how AR can enhance our social fabric and help return us to a place where we’re more in touch with our physical world. The idea that a piece of emerging technology might be able to bring us closer to our physical world by bridging the gap between our physical and digital worlds is a concept I hadn’t previously entertained.

We wrap up our conversation with a discussion around AR and web3, what Keiran’s new project, Mirage, will enable, how he is planning to decentralize Mirage in the long run, and what makes people want to collect digital objects.


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