🎙️ S4 E13 | Decentralized Knowledge Sharing w/Sari Azout

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In Episode 13, we speak with Sari Azout about the different models for online knowledge share that we’ve seen to date, how big of a role humans should play in curating content online, and what a decentralized search engine might look like. Sari is the founder of Startupy (soon: Sublime), a human-curated search and discovery engine for the Internet’s best knowledge.

Sari was nominated by Diana Chen and voted onto the podcast by triumph, LDF, nintynick, and Diana Chen.


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We kick off this episode with a review of how online knowledge share has transformed over the last three decades since the creation of the world wide web by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. Sari shares her thoughts on which aspects of online knowledge share have been more productive and beneficial to society and which aspects she would like to see changed.

An important aspect of online knowledge share is the ability to search for relevant information in an efficient manner. Google has provided us with this search function but also comes with a slew of problems. This is a topic Sari has thought long and hard about, and she shares her thoughts on what a decentralized search engine could look like and why she believes we shouldn’t replace humans with bots when it comes to content curation.

Finally, we talk about Sari’s company, Startupy - how it has evolved over time, who curates the curators on Startupy, how page rank works on the platform, and their rebrand to Sublime coming soon in June 2023.


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