🎙️ S4 E14 | How Web3 Empowers Independent Artists w/Ibn Inglor

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In episode 14 (our second to last episode of Season 4), we speak with Ibn Inglor about new monetization models for web3 musical artists, crowdfunding an EP through Mirror, and how Ibn's upbringing in one of Chicago's most violent neighborhoods influenced his music and the way he views community. Ibn is an alternative hip-hop artist from Chicago’s far south side who has been dedicated to exploring original ideas at the cutting edge of technology. Last summer, Ibn successfully crowdfunded 20 ETH on Mirror to work on a new EP, and he was also the first hip-hop artist to release music on sound.xyz and the first music artist on Coinvise to launch a successful membership NFT campaign.

Ibn was nominated by Diana Chen and voted onto the podcast by David Phelps, Anay Sim, Stefen Deleveaux, and Diana Chen.


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Ibn starts this episode by sharing about his upbringing in Altgeld Gardens, one of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago on the far South Side. Not only did his upbringing influence his music, it also influenced the way in which he thinks about building community around his music today and the way in which he gives back to the community through his music.

We talk about how Ibn first learned about web3 and how he became a pioneer in using music NFTs and other web3 tools to further his career as a music artist. In Ibn’s view, web3 was made for independent artists, and we dive deep into what this means.

Finally, Ibn gives us a behind the scenes look into his newest EP, DANGERZONE, and shares a little about what he hopes to see in the future for web3 music and what he has planned personally.


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