🎙️ S4 E2 | Turning Users Into Owners w/dthinksweb3

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In Episode 2, we speak with dthinksweb3 about UX design in web3, closing the opportunity gap and hiring outside of your network, and how to make the mental shift from user to owner. Dee is the founder of DesignerDAO and a UX contributor at Coordinape and Duality.

dthinksweb3 was nominated by fifthworldzach and voted onto the pod by fifthworldzach, Daisy Alioto, Aaron Soskin, Govrn, and Deana Burke.


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dthinksweb3 is a powerhouse UX researcher and designer who has made a name for herself in web3 after contributing to well-known projects like Sushi and Coordinape. She speaks candidly about some of the challenges we face with UX in web3, why DAOs aren’t as utopian as they sound, and the lack of effort and intentionality web3 projects have in their hiring practices.

We start this episode by talking about some of the specific ways in which Dee has seen web3 projects miss in the UX department. Dee says conducting UX research isn’t just about collecting data on your users - it’s also about interviewing them and understanding their POV on what this data means to them. It’s about understanding the whole person, not just one small part of them.

From there, we pivot into talking about Dee’s personal experience working in web3 thus far - particularly as a woman of color. She shares - what was for me - perhaps the most honest accounting of someone’s lived experiences working in web3 that I have ever heard. There’s also a very hot take about DAOs buried in this section of our conversation that you won’t want to miss.

Finally, we talk about how to transform web2 users’ mentality into one of ownership and delayed gratification. Take owning a house, for example. There are many more long term rewards and upsides to owning a house instead of renting one, but there are also more responsibilities and risks. You have to take care of the house, fix things when they break, make sure your house is secure, and hope your home appreciates in value over time. This is the same with owning your own assets on chain. Ownership requires more responsibility and some risk, but it can also offer rewards that vastly outweigh the responsibilities and risks.

In addition to the many thoughtful insights Dee shares in this episode, she also shares plenty of actionable steps web3 projects can take to improve their UX, hire outside of their immediate circle of friends, and make web3 a better place to be.


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