🎙️ S4 E3 | Rules of Game Design w/Andy Boyan

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In Episode 3, we speak with Andy Boyan about about all things game design - what distinguishes a good game from a bad game, pros and cons of gamifying incentives, and how games or game theory can be used across the web3 space. Andy is the founder of Infinity Keys, a gamified rewards platform that helps creators and brands better engage with their community.

Andy was nominated by Carsten and voted onto the pod by Carsten, Daisy Alioto, Christina Beltramini, Ellie Dots, and Diana Chen.


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Andy Boyan first discovered crypto through his research in experiential media and went on to lead the creative media team at Chainlink before founding Infinity Keys, a gamified rewards platform that helps creators and brands better engage with their community. He’s been a video game junkie since childhood and is still a big kid at heart in many ways - especially in the ways in which he experiences gameplay even to this day. Oh, and he holds a PhD in Communications & Media, which makes him… Dr. Boyan the forever big-kid-gamer-nerd-media-guru-founder?

We start this episode by talking about the history of Andy’s CryptoKitties onesie (best fit we’ve seen on the podcast so far) and how his interest in experiential media led him to found Infinity Keys.

From there, we pivot into talking about what early game research got wrong about games, gamifying web3, and the psychology of play - which Andy believes should be at the core of every game. Andy then shares his thoughts on what differentiates a “good game” from a “bad game” and reveals his surprising take on the role of storytelling and narrative in game design.

Finally, Andy addresses some common misconceptions people have about Infinity Keys, including the misconception that IK is simply another learn-to-earn platform, before wrapping up with some alpha on a potential future collaborative treasure hunt between Rehash and Infinity Keys.


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