🎙️ S4 E5 | Creating a Content Collective w/Frisson & Tommy

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In Episode 5, we speak with Frisson and Tommy about the origin story of Content Guild, building a contributor network from scratch, content agencies vs content service DAOs, retaining talent in web3, and more. Frisson and Tommy are the co-creators of Tally’s Content Guild and co-host Tally’s podcast, DAO Talk.

Frisson, Tommy, and Kyler (who wasn’t able to make it) were nominated by Caden and voted onto the podcast by Louis, Caden, and Frisson himself.

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We originally recorded this episode live at ETH Denver with Frisson, Tommy, and Kyler on March 4, 2023. Unfortunately, we experienced some audio issues with the live recording, and Kyler was unable to join us for this re-recorded interview.

When Frisson first joined Tally as their head of marketing with no team to support, he was faced with a decision: hire an internal marketing team, hire an external marketing agency, or -- start a service DAO. As a “DAO person,” he of course went with the latter and least traditional option of building a content service DAO, and Content Guild was born.

Frisson and Tommy share their experience building Content Guild and some of the key lessons learned. We talk about the differences between service DAOs and traditional agencies, the challenges with building a contributor network from scratch, and the specific challenge to content service DAOs of publishing high quality content in a decentralized manner.

Finally, we talk about retaining talent in web3 and why the talent hiring and retention philosophy is different in web3 and DAOs specifically.

Frisson and Tommy have one of the most iconic bromances I’ve witnessed and it really comes through in this insightful, humorous, and heartwarming interview.


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