🎙️ S5 E9 | Current State of Crypto Regulation w/Rebecca Rettig

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On this episode of Rehash, we speak with Rebecca Rettig, Chief Legal and Policy Officer at Polygon Labs, about the current state of crypto regulation around the world.

Rebecca was nominated by Carsten and voted onto the podcast by Justin Conley, Katelyn Donnelly, Zayi Reyes, Meg Lister, Aaron Soskin, David Silverman, anon, and Carsten.


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On this episode of Rehash, we speak with Rebecca Rettig, Chief Legal and Policy Officer at Polygon Labs, about the current state of crypto regulation around the world.

This is the first legal and policy focused conversation we’ve had on Rehash in over a year - the last conversation we had on crypto regulation was with Katherine Wu from Archetype and Crypto Council for Innovation all the way back in Season 2.

The main difference I wanted to touch on in this episode (other than just getting a more current take on where crypto regulation currently stands) is getting a more global perspective on how different countries or regions of the world are looking at crypto. Rebecca talks about key pieces of crypto legislation like MiCA (Markets in Crypto Assets) in the EU and FIT (Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act) in the U.S. and shares her perspectives on which countries have the most crypto friendly policies.

We focus most of the conversation on crypto policy, but we do chat a bit on the legal front as well. Rebecca talks about some key court cases we’ve seen recently in the U.S., such as the Coinbase case, and shares her take on what she believes the SEC’s strategy is and what that means for us as people building and working in the industry.

Finally we wrap up with some spicy questions from our community, like how to stay out of jail as someone building in web3 or whether crypto will ever succeed in the U.S.


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