🎙️ S7 E3 | God Tech, Money Tech, and Onchain AI w/Gabriel (Mochi)

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On this episode of Rehash, we’re speaking with Gabriel, founder of Mochi, a coordination game for autonomous worlds.

Gabriel was nominated by Maz and voted onto the podcast by Maz, Eiman, Ninty Nick, Spencer Graham, and Triumph.


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On this episode of Rehash, we’re speaking with Gabriel, founder of Mochi, a coordination game for autonomous worlds.

AI and blockchain are two buzzwords anyone operating remotely adjacent to the tech space has heard a lot of in recent years, but we haven’t heard much of the two concepts operating together.

Gabriel believes there’s actually a strong case for AI and blockchain to operate together, and in this episode he shares why he believes blockchain and crypto can have a strong impact on AI and provides a plethora of fascinating examples and future use cases for the two to interoperate.

We then get into a discussion about autonomous worlds - how Gabriel defines them, what they unlock, and why they might be the next evolution of DAOs.


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