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Rehash is the first community-owned podcast, where community members help decide key podcast decisions, like which guests we host on the podcast. Rehash is hosted, produced, and edited by Diana Chen.


Season 6 of Rehash: A Web3 Podcast starts on Thursday, October 5, 2023 with new episodes every Thursday until December 21, 2023.


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Season 6 will be pretty heavily focused on consumer crypto and creators, with a couple of more technical episodes sprinkled in there as well. Some names you might recognize are Luca Netz from Pudgy Penguins, Steph Alinsug, a repeat guest who’s now working on a new project called VESSEL, Maz and Eiman from Crowdmuse, and Hudson Jameson, a true Ethereum OG.


If you’re looking for episodes to check out in the meantime, I’d encourage you to catch up on any of our Season 5 episodes or go back and listen to Steph Alinsug’s previous appearance on the pod, which was S3 E10.

Otherwise, buckle up and get ready to take a deep dive into the current state of consumer crypto with me and learn more about how web3 is changing the game for creators and take a peek into some of the most impactful tools being built today.


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