🎙️S4 E6 | Art You Can't See w/Sarah Meyohas & Mitchell Chan

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In Episode 6, we speak with conceptual artists Sarah Meyohas and Mitchell Chan about what blockchain and tokenization can unlock for conceptual artists, the merits of AI generated art, and various other topics on the intersection of art and technology. You might know Sarah from some of her projects like Bitchcoin, Speculations, Stock Performance, and Nonexistent Token, and you might know Mitchell from some of his projects including IKB (Digital Zones), LeWitt Generator, and Beggar’s Belief.

Sarah and Mitchell were nominated by Diana Chen and voted onto the podcast by Christina Beltramini, Dame, nintynick, Nich, Anay, Spencer Graham, Jonathan Mann, and Diana Chen.


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Sarah and Mitchell are two of my favorite conceptual artists who happen to be friends with each other as well. I’ve interviewed each of them individually in the past and thought it would be a blast to have both of them on together -- and I was right.

We start off our conversation with some hot takes from Mitchell on what constitutes conceptual art. Mitchell says just because art has an interesting or engaging concept doesn’t mean it’s conceptual art, and Sarah (mostly) agrees.

One thing Sarah and Mitchell have in common is that they both started out as conceptual artists in the traditional art space long before blockchain technology started to find adoption in areas outside of pure tech. We discuss how web3 tools - and tokenization in particular - can help conceptual artists create more value in their “invisible” artwork and make “art you can’t see” more understandable to non-artists.

Finally, Sarah and Mitchell share their thoughts on what the future holds for conceptual artists and creators more broadly, including which web3 tools they’re most excited to see adopted by artists and creators.


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