Rehash Season 6 Guest Selection OPEN & Sponsor Search

Last week, we published our final episode of Season 5, and we’re already planning for Season 6, which will be running from October 5 - December 22, 2023. In fact, we just launched our Season 6 guest selection process today and are actively searching for sponsors as well.

🎙️ Season 5 Recap

Despite the ever looming presence of a deep crypto winter, Season 5 was our favorite one yet! There’s nothing more encouraging than seeing so many bright minds continuing to zealously build and be deeply contemplative through a bear market.

From our philosophical conversation with Billy Luedtke about identity, reputation, and trust to hearing about new models of venture capital from a successful VC, Maya Bakhai, we’ve been inspired week after week and reminded that crypto and web3 are here to stay and will be ready to take center stage during the next bull run.

As we’ve continued to experiment, we’ve continued to learn, and there’s so much we can say about our Season 5 learnings. What Season 5 has reinforced for us most, however, is the importance and potential that community governance unlocks.

When we first handed over curation of the guest list to the community back in May 2022, we had no idea what to expect. Over time, the Rehash community has shown us time and time again that they fully understand the assignment and, as a result, have helped us curate more and more robust guest lists each season.

Every season, there have been phenomenal guests who were never even on our radar and that we would never have had the opportunity to meet or hear from if we were a traditional host- or company-owned podcast instead of community-owned podcast. And for that, we are eternally grateful to our community and grow more and more bullish on community governance each season.

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🏆 Season 6 Guest Selection Process

We just opened up guest nominations this morning and will be running our Season 6 guest selection process throughout the week.

Guest nominations will run from Monday, September 18 at 9am PDT until Wednesday, September 20 at 9pm PDT. At that time, you will no longer be able to submit proposals, and voting will begin. Voting will end on Friday, September 22 at 10am PDT.

Eligibility ✅

Any wallet that holds a Rehash podcast NFT is eligible to nominate guests. Any past guest or sponsor of Rehash, and any wallet that holds an OG podcaster NFT from our April 2022 Mirror crowdfund, is eligible to nominate AND vote. You can check which NFT(s) you own by going to the Rehash marketplace and connecting your wallet.

How to nominate a guest ✍️

Any eligible wallet can nominate a guest during the nomination period (Sep 18 @9am PT - Sep 20 @9pm PDT) on Jokerace.

You may nominate as many guests as you’d like, but please only include one nominee per submission. In your proposal, please include the following information:

  • Guest name

  • Guest affiliation (company or project name)

  • Relevant links to their website and/or socials

  • Topic(s) you’d like to hear them talk about

  • Why you think Rehash guests would enjoy hearing from this guest

You may nominate anyone you like, including yourself, past guests, guests who have never appeared on a podcast before, etc. Please keep in mind Rehash’s three core values when nominating a guest:

If your nominee ends up appearing on Season 6 of the podcast, you will receive two additional votes per nominee to use in the following season.

How to vote for a guest 🗳️

Once nominations close on Wednesday, September 20 at 9pm PDT, voting will begin. Any eligible wallet will be able to vote in our Season 6 guest election until Friday, September 22 at 10am PDT.

Each eligible wallet has been airdropped 11 voting tokens (corresponding with the 11 episodes we are planning for Season 6), with a few wallets receiving extra votes (see tweet). You may cast your votes in any way you'd like (i.e. cast all votes for one guest, or cast one vote for 11 different guests, or something in between).

You may campaign for particular guests, strategize with other Rehash voters, or even submit bribes to Rehash voters - nothing is off limits. The top 11 guests at the end of the voting period will be invited onto Season 6 of the podcast.

Join us on Friday, September 22 from 9-10am PDT via livestream (link posted on Twitter and Discord) as we wait for the final results to come in!

🤝 Sponsor Season 6 of Rehash: A Web3 Podcast

The following is an intention we set at the start of Season 4 that we still uphold and value greatly as we move forward into Season 6:

We want to become the go-to podcast for learning about and envisioning a future of tech that discards of the exploitative ad models and productization of users and instead uses cryptography and the tools available to us in web3 to put power back into the hands of everyday people.

We view web3, cryptography, and blockchain through the lens of the larger tech ecosystem and try to make sure we’re staying grounded while also taking a 30,000 foot view. This manifests in conversations that are analytical, nuanced, and thoughtful.

Once again, we’re offering three sponsorship packages with varying levels of offerings to give everyone who’s interested in sponsoring an opportunity to do so. You can view more information about sponsoring and a detailed price sheet on our sponsor page.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please fill out the short interest form on our sponsor page or at this link and schedule a call with Diana to chat more. You can also send any questions you have to or in the Rehash Discord server.

We can’t wait to see who our Season 6 partners will be (hopefully you)!

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