Rehash Season 7 Guest Nomination ✍️ & Voting 🗳️

🏆 Season 7 Guest Selection Process

We just opened up guest nominations for Season 7 this morning and will be running our Season 7 guest selection process over the course of the next week.

Guest nominations will run from Friday, January 5 at 9am PST until Wednesday, January 10 at 8:59am PST. At that time, you will no longer be able to submit proposals, and voting will begin. Voting will end on Friday, January 12 at 9am PST.

Eligibility ✅

Any wallet that holds a Rehash podcast NFT, including our new podcast NFTs on Optimism, is eligible to nominate guests.

Any past guest or sponsor of Rehash, and any wallet that holds an OG podcaster NFT from our April 2022 Mirror crowdfund, is eligible to nominate AND vote. You can check which NFT(s) you own by going to the Rehash marketplace and connecting your wallet (for Optimism NFTs, you can verify on OpenSea here).

How to nominate a guest ✍️

Any eligible wallet can nominate a guest during the nomination period (Jan 5 @ 9am PST - Jan 10 @ 8:59 am PST) on Jokerace.

This season we’re switching over to Optimism, so make sure you have some ETH available on Optimism for gas.

You may nominate as many guests as you’d like, but please only include one nominee per submission. In your proposal, please include the following information:

  • Guest name

  • Guest affiliation (company or project name)

  • Relevant links to their website and/or socials

  • Topic(s) you’d like to hear them talk about

  • Why you think Rehash guests would enjoy hearing from this guest

You may nominate anyone you like, including yourself, past guests, guests who have never appeared on a podcast before, etc. Please keep in mind Rehash’s three core values when nominating a guest:

If your nominee ends up appearing on Season 7 of the podcast, you will receive two additional votes per nominee to use in the following season.

How to vote for a guest 🗳️

Once nominations close on Wednesday, January 10 at 8:59am PST, voting will begin. Any eligible wallet will be able to vote in our Season 7 guest election until Friday, January 12 at 9am PST.

Each eligible wallet has been airdropped 1100 voting tokens (corresponding with the 11 episodes we are planning for Season 7), with a few wallets receiving extra votes (namely, nominators of Season 6 guests and collectors of our remastered episodes on Pods). You may cast your votes in any way you'd like (i.e. cast all votes for one guest or split them up amongst many guests).

You may campaign for particular guests, strategize with other Rehash voters, or even submit bribes to Rehash voters - nothing is off limits. The top 11 guests at the end of the voting period will be invited onto Season 7 of the podcast.

We can’t wait to see who you nominate and vote onto Season 7 of Rehash!

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