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RektSkulls Introduces a New Type of Web3 Gaming: Compete-to-Earn (C2E)

Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry: Introducing the Compete-to-Earn Model

As the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming model faces criticism for its design flaws and unstable economies, RektSkulls is introducing a new concept of web3 gaming: Compete-to-Earn (C2E). RektSkulls pioneers the C2E model by combining competitive gaming elements with a more sustainable economic basis, offering players a more economically viable choice in the long run. This article will show the drawbacks of P2E gaming and how RektSkulls offers to change them in the C2E space.

The Problems with P2E Models

Over the past few years, the emergence of play-to-earn (P2E) games has captured the interest of many gamers and investors. While these games offer financial rewards, they often suffer from a number of issues that undermine their long-term sustainability and joy for players.

One of the primary concerns with P2E models is their need for a constant inflow of new players to maintain the value of the in-game tokens. This creates an unreliable economic environment that can lead to a collapse if the inflow of players decreases or too many players decide to cash out their earnings. Additionally, these models often involve continuous token emissions to incentivize players, which causes inflation and token devaluation.

Let's look at the main issues of P2E model:

  • Ponzi-like characteristics: P2E games depend on a constant inflow of new players to maintain token value, creating an unreliable economic environment with a high risk to collapse.

  • Unsustainable token emission: P2E games must continuously emit new tokens to maintain player interest, leading to inflation and eventual token devaluation.

  • Bots and multi-accounting: P2E games incentivize the use of bots and the creation of multiple accounts, which lead to a less enjoyable experience for legitimate players and contribute to the system's collapse.

  • Low game design: P2E games often prioritize their token economy over gameplay, leading to unengaging and poorly designed experiences that don't retain players in the long run.

RektSkulls' C2E Breakthrough

RektSkulls offers an innovative C2E gaming model, solving the problematics of P2E mechanics and adopting a subscription-based approach where players deposit their in-game currency - REKT tokens, to access the game. The team drew inspiration from popular games, specifically poker, a highly monetized competitive game.

In poker, players deposit money, and depending on their skill level, they maintain their deposit and continue playing (if average), increase their deposit (if skilled), or lose it (if inexperienced). Similarly, in RektSkulls, players deposit REKT tokens to access PvE levels or PvP matches. While playing, REKT tokens are taken from their balance and added to a weekly REKT pool. As players progress through PvE and PvP, they climb the leaderboards. At the week's end, the pool of REKT tokens is redistributed among leaderboard participants based on their performance. Committed players will gain profit, players with average results keep their subscription fees, others will be able to perform better next time.

This system creates a competitive environment and a strong token economy with no need to mint new tokens or create additional in-game currencies. It also rises the value of in-game drops as players are more committed, investing both REKT tokens and time. Alongside the flow of REKT tokens in the game economy, armor, gear, and other items can be obtained as loot and traded in the in-game market, further stimulating liquidity and token demand.

The deflationary nature of REKT tokens, combined with solid burn mechanics, well-planned tokenomics, no pre-sales or team tokens, and a linear, predictable emission, - provides a stable and liquid in-game economy for players to enjoy.

Summarizing the Benefits of the C2E Model:

  • Increased commitment: The subscription model encourages players to value their time spent in-game and the items they obtain.

  • Competitive elements: RektSkulls features both player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) elements, fostering a competitive atmosphere and rewarding players based on their performance.

  • Bot prevention: Subscription models help guarantee that bots cannot abuse the game and ruin its economy, as only genuine players invest upfront.

  • Higher value and healthier trading: The subscription model raises the value of in-game items and promotes a healthier trading environment.

  • Limited token supply and strong burn mechanics: REKT tokens have a capped supply, emitted through a staking system over two years. Coupled with token burn mechanics, this creates a more stable in-game economy and maintains token value.

The Long-Term Benefits of C2E and RektSkulls

While P2E games may seem more appealing initially due to their promise of quick cash, RektSkulls' C2E model offers long-term economic benefits for dedicated players. The game's limited token supply, combined with its subscription-based system and competitive elements, encourages players to invest time and effort into the game, resulting in a more satisfying and rewarding gaming experience.


P2E models in games like Axie Infinity and CryptoBlades have proven to be flawed and unsustainable. In contrast, RektSkulls introduces a new type of web3 gaming with the C2E model, offering a more stable and economically viable alternative for players looking to invest their time and resources in a blockchain-based game. By adopting a subscription-based model and creating a competitive environment, RektSkulls provides a more satisfying and potentially profitable gaming experience for its players in the long run.

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