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Weekly Grail, Ep.11, Apr 10, 2023

Weekly Grail - weekly RektSkulls project status, updates and ecosystem overview. Your weekly dose of rekt news.

Happy Easter, fellow treasure hunters! Just like the Easter bunny leaves eggs for you to find, we're back with another Weekly Grail episode, ready to roll toward you like brightly colored Easter eggs. So hop in and enjoy this edition of the Weekly Grail.

Our series of articles/newsletters keeps our community informed about our achievements and upcoming updates.

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Project updates:

We'll keep things brief because we have some exciting news coming your way. We're releasing some significant things that we believe will help us grow our community and bring RektSkulls to the forefront of the NFT space. We're confident that this will be a turning point for our project.

In other news, we're thrilled to congratulate the winners of several Genesis Skulls from the past week. We're always excited to see members of our community receive these coveted treasures.

Dima's game development blog:

Welcome back to my game development blog! We have some exciting progress to report on our search for game studios, which I'll share with you next week. In the meantime, we have plenty to explore in the exciting world of future game lore.

The Syndicate of the Shadow Eclipse

The Syndicate of the Shadow Eclipse is a secret organization led by a mysterious figure known only as the Master. Rumors of interactions with the Master circulate among the group's leaders, but no one knows for sure if this elusive figure truly exists. Governed by the Shadow Council, a group of influential members skilled in sabotage, assassination, and manipulation, the Syndicate is built on a foundation of pragmatism and the anticipation of the end of the world.

One of the most notorious members of the Shadow Council is the Night Stalker, a feared assassin known for carrying out high-profile hits with chilling precision. Swift and silent, the Night Stalker is the Syndicate's ultimate weapon for eliminating threats and maintaining their influence.
Another influential figure is the Whisperer, a master of deception and manipulation. The Whisperer is responsible for gathering intelligence, orchestrating sabotage, and causing general chaos among the Syndicate's enemies. With a silver tongue and an unparalleled ability to blend in, the Whisperer is a constant source of misinformation and confusion.

The Syndicate firmly believes that a cataclysmic event will occur naturally and inevitably. This conviction drives their philosophy that they can do whatever they want without moral obligations. Consequently, the group is comprised of criminals, thieves, assassins, and others who thrive in a world without moral constraints.

Despite their lack of moral compass, the Syndicate operates under a strict hierarchy and follows a rigid code of conduct to maintain order within their ranks. Their hideouts and underground facilities are scattered across the land, hidden from prying eyes by their secret symbol – the Eclipse Serpent. Only those familiar with this symbol can discern the presence of a Syndicate hideout nearby.
The Syndicate of the Shadow Eclipse boasts a formidable Alchemy Wing, where skilled alchemists work tirelessly to develop powerful potions and poisons. Their crowning achievement is the Shapeshift Potion, a rare and highly coveted elixir that grants its user the ability to transform into a terrifying beast. This creature possesses bat-like wings, powerful claws and paws, and a fearsome jaw filled with sharp teeth – an unholy amalgamation of a beast and a vampire.

This Shapeshift Potion is reserved exclusively for the Syndicate's most loyal members, including its leaders and lieutenants. The potion has instilled a deep-seated fear among the people, who have come to believe that the Syndicate is a den of vampires and monstrous creatures. This reputation only serves to further the group's sinister agenda, as fear and chaos become powerful tools in their quest for power and control.

A prominent figure in the Syndicate is the Grand Alchemist, the brilliant mind behind the creation of the Shapeshift Potion and the leader of the Alchemy Wing. Under their guidance, the Alchemy Wing has achieved remarkable breakthroughs in the field of alchemy, and their creations have become integral to the Syndicate's operations. The Grand Alchemist is highly respected within the organization, and their expertise is critical in maintaining the Syndicate's grip on power.

As the Syndicate of the Shadow Eclipse continues to grow in power and influence, their network of hideouts and underground facilities expands, allowing them to maintain a pervasive presence throughout the realm. Their secret symbol – the Eclipse Serpent – serves as a constant reminder of the Syndicate's reach and the ever-looming threat of their destructive philosophy.

The Syndicate's anticipation of the end of the world drives them to amass wealth and resources in preparation for the inevitable cataclysm. Their unorthodox methods and criminal activities may bring them into conflict with other factions and authorities, but they remain undeterred in their pursuit of power and control.

In a world teetering on the brink of chaos, the Syndicate of the Shadow Eclipse thrives, constantly seeking new opportunities to exploit and new members to indoctrinate. The shadowy figures within the organization continue to manipulate events from behind the scenes, shaping the future in accordance with their dark and twisted vision.

RektSkulls ecosystem overview:

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