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Weekly Grail, Ep.3, Feb 13, 2023

Weekly Grail - weekly RektSkulls project status, updates and ecosystem overview. Your weekly dose of rekt news.

The Weekly Grail series brings you its third episode, don't miss out!

Our series of articles/newsletters keeps our community informed about our achievements and upcoming updates.

If you have any questions related to the project, feel free to ask on our Discord channel. Our project team is always ready to assist.

Project updates:

The highlight of the previous week was the announcement of the new mechanic - Mystery Cards mint. This new and original addition was the focus of the team's efforts last week, while we also continued to work on the Genesis Skulls auctions, which are imminent.

Get ready to put your REKT tokens to use, as the release of the Mystery Cards mechanic is just a few days away.

While the market remained relatively calm as holders eagerly awaited the launch of these new mechanics, the REKT token continues to thrive with almost no sell pressure and a steady increase in liquidity. We believe that this is a strong sign of bullish behavior in the current stage of the project.

RektSkulls ecosystem overview

This week's priorities:

  • Release of the Mystery Cards mechanic

  • Wrapping up development on the Genesis Skulls Auctions and getting ready for lift-off

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REKT token:
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