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Weekly Grail, Ep.4, Feb 20, 2023

Weekly Grail - weekly RektSkulls project status, updates and ecosystem overview. Your weekly dose of rekt news.

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Project updates:

We've been working tirelessly on our latest release - the Mystery Cards mechanic, and let us tell you, it's going to be legendary! Unfortunately, we faced some technical difficulties that delayed the release.

Although the Mystery Cards mechanic may seem simple on the surface, it required extensive development work to be implemented correctly. Our team had to set up various complex processes under the hood, and our existing smart contracts had to be rewritten to ensure that the mechanic works smoothly and efficiently. However, we are hoping to finalize the development and launch it within the next two days.

The Mystery Cards themselves are incredibly cool assets that are perfect for marketing and outreach. We have some thrilling events lined up where Mystery Cards will be given away as prizes. Keep and eye on Twitter and Discord announcements!

This week promises to be exciting as we move forward with our plans 🔥💀🔮

RektSkulls ecosystem overview

This week's priorities:

  • Mystery Cards mechanic released with Mystery Cards as prizes for marketing activities

  • Marketing activities with Mystery Cards as prizes

  • Focus on development on the Genesis Skulls and it's mechanics

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